Your new personal trainer brought by Performance Lab

Our smartwatches, fitness trackers and running watches track a lot of information about us such as speed, distance, pace and steps, but having this data won’t transform you into the next Michael Johnson. That said, one New Zealand-based startup states that it can transform the information into minutes off your PB.

The new platform named ARDA made by Performance Lab processes the information from our daily workouts and transforms them into actionable insights.

This can turn our wearables into smart trainers.

In June, Performance Lab received funding from Intel, which implies that the Intel Company believes they may have something good. Also, by being partners with sports wearable makers, the New Zealand based company will soon turn your personal tracker into a trainer.

The new platform known as ARDA will give your training a new perspective, taking into the account the terrain of your run, working in interval sessions and hill climbs. ARDA is working by taking data from your wearables and turning it into live feedback on your cycling or running, which can be heard through headphones; so it’s not only a detailed examination of your heart beat and effort.

‘žThe ARDA Coaching Engine will help our partners bring to market a new generation of wearable fitness devices that will function as a virtual coach’

‘žWe expect a personal trainer who we trust to assess what we are doing, how we are doing, and in what context we are doing it to provide the best advice as to what we should do next.’ CEO Waynne Dartnall told VentureBeat.

Compressing all that data is going to be clearly

Since the specifics are scarce or difficult to find, you can imagine that means taking your phone and running watch out on a run with you, as compressing all that data is going to be clearly demanding.

The demo video it is available at the company’s website on request. Some people checked out the demo video, which showed them how the insights would work, but unfortunately they can’t share. Anyway, the information might look fantastic and for sure it is very different that was previously seen in wearable data analytics, but you couldn’t run with that much information being played in your ears.

From the colossal amount of data from their watches, Polar and Garmin devices offer very little in way of analytics, but some wearables are already trying to do more than tracking your stats.

Moov it’s a sport wearable tracker made for running, but it’s still testing. In order to help you become a better runner, Moov gives live feedback on your pace and cadence.