Xiaomi turns towards smartwatches

As everyone does nowadays, Xiaomi, specialized company in smartphones, turned its interests towards the wearable tech market. There are some rumors that the Chinese company will release a smartwatch. They presented the concept of Mi band, but it is not on the market yet.

It is estimated that it will cost around 13 dollars, which makes it a pretty cheap wearable. Here are the most popular three reasons why we should be interested on what Xiaomi will release.

First reason: Xiaomi is known for its Google association

Hugo Barra, the VP of this company, used to work for Google, so it will be pretty interesting to see what it will achieve with this smartwatch.

Second reason: usually wearables are expensive

When it comes to smartwatches and wearables in general, the most important factor that a customer will consider is the price. So, comparing prices is a must, which for Xiaomi`s device will not be an impediment. If Xiaomi gets to partner with Google and keep the price fewer than 100 dollars, this device will be a total success.

Third reason: the main problem on the market is the variety of devices

The market for wearables is crammed with many devices, so releasing another one with a smaller price will make it through the competition only if it works decent too. Xiaomi is known for its capacity to produce smartphones, which makes it more likely to succeed with a smartphone. For the company will be harder to work it out on the other side of the world, because on the Chinese market it will be easy.

Fourth reason: you do not need to have experience in order to build up a smartwatch

If you want to stand out in this world full of smart devices, you have to consider very carefully the design of that wearable. It is not so complicated to create a smartwatch that will be liked by users. Xiaomi is a company about which everyone knows that it reproduces what already exists. So, if they replicate some watches, they will succeed.

Fifth reason: achieving design partnerships is easy

Another option for new entries to become popular, is working with a world-wide known designer. This will solve the problem of looks and will put the wearable in the spotlights.

Bottom line, Xiaomi has the possibility to gain the attention on the market and compete with wearable makers all around the world. All it takes is getting some attention at first.