Worthy wearable kickstarters - part 3

There are many successful and innovative projects that are looking for financial help on crowdfunding platforms in order for their creators to produce them at a larger scale.

1. An example is the StrikeTec Sensor, that is the best boxing wearable project.

It can be worn by boxers, kickboxers, MMA fighters but also amateurs, tracking down the speed, force, type of hit.

The StrikeTec boxing Training is the app that is permanently synchronizing with the device via Bluetooth.

StrikeTec is compatible with both Android and iOS and it can be achieved with only $75 or more.

The creators of the project need $100,000 to finish the final version of the project. Unfortunately it seems that the project has been canceled after only managing to gather $1,000.

2. Stridalyzer – a couple of insoles for runners, the project was voted one of the most favorite project from Kickstarter. The idea of the project began from some India runners who wanted to improve the way they did that. The company that is behind Stridalyzer said that the big majority of runners get injuries. This is what the device is actually trying to solve.

Stridalyzer is also looking forward to a better type of running, meaning monitoring the details about your speed and time.

The project is to be a success considering that the Kickstart platform did their best to help and support the project.

3. Fineck – Neck Fitness wearable is the best asset for the ones that spend a bit to many hours in front of the computer and have neck problems. Many of us encounter these kind of problems, therefore a group of people wanted to create a wearable to help.

Fineck is the activity tracker when it comes to your neck, and it offer you hint on how to maintain a correct posture taking into consideration your spine's shape and the way you walk. The wearable does something that not many wearable do, it helps you strengthen your neck in a very non conformist way. There is a titanium necklace that are connected to your smartphone, constantly making you do neck exercises through some easy games.

The item has also an accelerometer and gyroscope that are useful for measuring your stats. The Fineck was a success and the team is hardly working for the production of the system for an April 2015 delivery.

4. Pinc VR is a virtually reality headset. The advantage is that the first prototype of the project was both a headset and a smartphone at the same time.

The idea of Pinc (read “pinch”) is to have in your own pocket an items that makes VR actually portable. The name of the wearable asset is given by the fact that you will be able to control it by some rings the wearer has by pinching and clicking with the index fingers.

The Pinch VR raised $76,000 from crowdfunding on the Indiegog platform and it promises to have a delivery date no further than July 2015.