Withings Pulse OX: Get more from your lifestyle tracker

The Withing Pulse OX is one of the latest fitness tracker on the market. The French company somehow created more than a fitness tracker, it also has a pedometer,ygea heart rate monitor and a bloody oxygen reader.

Here are the most important tips from your fitness tracker:


Pairing all your Withings devices

The Withings Pulse Ox can be connected to any other Withings device, even the Smart Body Analyzer and the blood pressure monitor.

For you to do that, you only have to go to My devices in the menu and select the “Install a new device” option. After you do that, all the data will be saved into some app that will make the data you read about yourself more accurate.

2. Share your achievements

If you want to brag with your successful goals, you can do that after the last update. You will also be able to add a picture of the moment before sharing it.

3. Measure your heart rate with the camera

The Withings Pulse has its own heart rate monitor, but there is an app that can do that as well.

4. Pair it with other health apps

If you take a quick glance at your profile you will see that there are some third party apps that your Withings Pulse is compatible with. For example, you can choose the Runkeeper app that can be installed from your profile page by choosing it under the Health/itness apps.

All the data registered by Withings Pulse will also be registered by the Runkeeper so that it will be easier to monitor all the data.

5. Share information with your GP

Not only you can share all the information with your friends, but a rather helpful feature is the fact that you can send all the data to your doctor. You can do that by clicking on “Share my dashboard”. This can actually be send to any doctor, nutritionist or person that takes care of your heart.

6. Integrate with Apple Health

You can set up your Withings Pulse to pair with the Apple's HealthKit platform. The fact that the company has this compatibility feature is a big plus.

7. Lock up your data

There are so many features that lets you share your goals, achievements and results, and you should know that there are ways also to keep all the data for yourself. You can even choose a passcode so you can make sure no one reads it.

8. Use reminders

This is one of the best assets of the device: being able to use reminders. And even if you are registering the data on some other device, if it is paired with the Withings Pulse you will be able to see all of that on your dashboard.

9. Pocket it

The Pulse can be removed from the strap and placed literally anywhere. And the good news is that the device will function in your pocket as well as it would function on your wrist.

10. Add activities using your smartphone

If you go for a run and you forget you take your Withings Pulse with you, you should know that you can still track anything you want directly from the app.

11. Organizing your dashboard

When you first see the dashboard you will probably think that it is a bit overwhelming. But after you get used to it, it is recommended to edit it with your favorite apps and with the design that suits you best.