Which is better? Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S?

This seems as just another ‘œbattle’ between Apple and Samsung. Apple just announced its latest Watch which runs on iOS, while Samsung said that Gear S will run on the Tizen OS.

Not made your mind about which smartwatch to use? Maybe these few comparisons will help you with your choice.

Gear S vs. Apple Watch: Apps and OS

The Gear S will run on Tizen, an interface which you are accustomed to from your smartphone. It has app menu screen, widgets and homepages. The setup is similar to the first Gear watches, but Gear S gives a more natural look with its new display.

Samsung smartwatches: What Gear to buy?

The fact that Samsung opted for Tizen was not a big surprise seeing as how it was very unlikely that the company will only use one platform. It is a smart decision from Samsung because they already have over 1,000 apps and some app partners.

Buyer’s guide: The best Android Wear smartwatch?

Apple created Watch OS because it has seen no point in squeezing iOS in their watch. The Digital Crown is the most important part from the Apple Watch with its physical winder on the side. Apple surprised with its analogue design. The winder works as a home key and if you twist it, you can either scroll or zoom. Glances will let you pull up from the main screen and scroll through the main apps.

Not only Twitter Facebook will be on the watch, but also American Airlines, BMW and City Mapper.

Gear S vs. Apple Watch: Customizability

Samsung’s Gear S is a mix between Gear Fit and Gear 2. Its display is 2 inches and Super AMOLED, also the watch has a resolution of 480X360.

The exact display resolution for the Apple Watch has not yet been revealed, but we know it will come in two sizes, 38 mm or 42 mm. All Apple watches will come single crystal sapphire face, the second hardest transparence material. With all the sizes and different watch-straps ranges, the Apple Watch has a total of 34 variations.

Samsung also customizable straps for its Gear S and they have contract with Diesel and Swarovski for some limited edition straps.

Gear S vs. Apple Watch: Fitness and health

Gear S works with Sammy’s S Health suite. It uses its sensors to track the number of steps and calories you burn. The watch also has a heart rate monitor to record your pulse. The main plus for Samsung Gear S is its GPS feature.

Apple also has its own special features, such as their fitness trackers. The Activity App is centered around health, wellness, movement and the wearer’s daily routine.

Workout App concentrates on cycling, running and walking.

Prices and Availability

Samsung Gear S will launch in October and its price will be around ‚¬299 and Apple Watch will be available for sale in 2015, its price will start from $349.

Samsung Gear S vs. Apple Watch: Final verdict

Samsung’s smartwatch may have a plus due to the earlier release date than Apple, which is set to launch in 2015.

Also, Gear S is a standalone device and by using its 3G connectivity you are able to receive and make calls from it. This and the GPs system, is sure to outrun Apple when it comes to hardware.

In terms of personalization, design choices and anticipation, it already seems that Apple is the winner. Their fans are very loyal so even if Gear S may have some better qualities, Apples might end up being the sales winner.