Whats interesting in the wearable area lately

A week for wearable tech can turn out very interesting and full of surprises. It is like a well from which you keep extracting new action cameras, innovative GPS tracking smartwatches and so on. So here are some heads up about what is new in this world of amazing gadgets.

GoPro and its amazing new devices

GoPro takes a step further on the market by releasing its three new cameras. Those have improved specifications and a beginner’s model that is affordable. The GoPro Hero 4 Black is innovative and capable to record 4K videos at only 30 fps. Also, it is amazing the fact that it can tale 8.3 megapixel stills from what are you recording. It is said the the GoPRo Hero 4 Black edition is among the finest wearables released in 2014.

Intel and its attempt to unveil Peak smartwatch

Intel`s attempt in the wearable area raised a lot of unanswered questions because the company was very discreet about its gadget. The Peak smartwatch represents an activity tracker that can offer you fitness info and important notifications from your phone. Intel states that it uses the best sensors available on the market, so their smartwatch will be one of a kind.

Jawbone UP24 makes some waves on its way to the market

We all know that Jawbone UP24 was declared the finest and most amazing wearable of the year in 2014 at the gala T3 Awards. This gadget managed to overpass competitors like Samsung Gear Fit, TomTom Runner Cardio and the Garmin Vivofit. So, UP24 is waiting for new competition to challenge it. Meanwhile, it keeps its place as the best gadget of 2014, so it is worth trying it to see how it looks and works in real life.

Pavlok: the device that aims to kick out your bad habits

This device is one of a kind and you won`t be able to find a suitable competitor for it. It is designed to offer its wearer a harmless electric shock when bad habits are set in motion. So, if you are not active as you were supposed to or if you are getting lazy in your bed, this gadget will attention you that you have to start being more active. It is an interesting idea incorporated in a wearable and it looks like it will get popular. SO, if you are the lazy type, the Pavlok device will boost your determination of doing stuff.