What's good for luxury watches - Android Wear rip-offs

The luxury Swiss watchmakers have opted for an ill-advised “stamp it out approach'' to their pirated designs despite the benefit of hindsight by proxy or learning the lesson of film and music executives.

Once again, the internet is picking a fight with the traditional industry.
This is useless in the real mean of the word.

Instead of fighting they could just embrace what happened and make peace. They could shake hands because everyone did everyone a favor.

If you are a person that has the money to buy a four-figure fashion accessory such as Omega watches, you are probably not going to be farting rounding with a Moto 360. If, maybe, you really own one, it is unlikely that is your only watch.

Whoever says that the pirate Android watchfaces are taking a cut of industry profits, that person is insane and everyone is going to laugh at him. Android might even boost the industry, not cutting it and if that don't happens now, it will happen soon.

Most of the teens and the young people know all the famous well-known brands such as Cartier and Rolex but they for sure don't have any idea who is Alfred Dunhill or Mondaine Breitling. These designs of Android Wear are not so known and they seem to be hidden on the internet but the young ones might just like them if they would have the chance to see them.

A lot of advertising has been done, where you needed to get to a certain point in your life where you could achieve a real luxury watch. This has been done before also, for the older technology and there are a lot of people who didn't even considered jewelry on their gadgets until they tried.

There are two categories of people, the ones who buy the luxury devices themselves and the ones who download IP-protected watchfaces. If a couple of quid is charged for each download, they are gonna become a decent chunk of cheese.

There will be some interesting hints about what age buys what type of watch due to the digital watchface sales data coming back. These luxury companies will decide at some point to make an official luxury smarwatch from scratch, on their own.

There is a war that existed for centuries and the smartwatches are just the latest fight. Fake watches are everywhere and they can be bought for a price of nothing. There are about 30 or 40 million fake watches in circulation as the Swiss Custom Service stated and their sellers make a total of around 1 billion dollars per year.

Piracy is everywhere but the music and the films downloaded from internet onto Android Wear devices are not the same thing with the products sold by Cartier & co for example.

It is estimated that there are about 3 million people in the world who buy luxury watches. The rest of the 6.97 billion people are maybe potential buyers. Some time ago, the gadget geeks were the watchmakers, now they are called tech fiends.