What would be the best wearable for extreme sports and more?

Wearable actions cams have known a growth in popularity and it is no surprise about this when you see that they offer HD video, the best frame-rates and underwater recording.

You can be sure you are able to film some high quality footage of yourself going down Mount Fuji with your snowboard or swimming with the dolphins.

Although they have a small built, they are pretty robust and have very simple mechanics and very wide viewing fields.

Here are some our best choices in terms of wearable action cams:

GoPro HERO 3+ Black

With it being the cam choice of many sprot fans, it is fairly easy to see why GoPro HERO 3+ is the leader of the market. It is able to film at ultra-wide 1080p quality and can capture 11MP photos. Not only this, but you can use this cam to film underwater and using some mounts you can attach to your bike, helmet or anything you want it on.

To monitor what you are filming, all you have to do is download the GoPro app and connect it to your smartphone and you are done.

Drift Ghost-S

You can say that Drift is the underdog that just started to be a standalone brand and it can also an alternative to GoPro. Ghost-S ‘˜s specs are really not that bad when you think about its a built-in Gorilla Glass LCD monitor and its belt-mounted remote replete that lets you know if you are indeed recording or not. A Wi-Fi app is in the making for this cam.

Sony AS100V

Because it arrived late on the cam market, this gave Sony the chance to learn from their competitors’ mistakes and allowed them to come up with its very own POV action camera. The AS100V has a flattish body shaped as a barrel making it easy to hold in the hand. You can notice that the image quality is even better than GoPro’s 1080p, and the sound recording may outshine GoPRo’s as well.

What is really great to admire is its stability even in the roughest terrain. This action has also the waterproof feature.

Garmin VIRB Elite

Although Garmin specializes in GPS systems, this fact did not stop them from building theor own action camera. Their VIRB Elite has an ANT+sensor anc connects via a remote to Garmin’s variety of sport watches. Also you can connect the camera to your smartphone using its specific app.

Due to its 16MP sensor, this camera is able to capture FULL HD footage at 30 fps and you can shoot slow-motion videos at 120 fps at a 848×848 resolutions. The battery can last up to three hours.

Panasonic HX-A500E

Panasonic decided to try something completely different and separated the lens from the main electronics with a 60 cm waterproof cable. If you are into skydiving and kayaking, then this is the perfect camera for you, but it does not work very well with mounting it on bikes or boats.

Rollei Sunglasses Cam 200

You read correctly, Rolei decided to equip its camre on a pair of sunglasses. This camera is centre-mounted on 135˚ lens and you can film in Full HD or simply snap some really nice photos and they will be stored on a microSD card.

Oregon Scientific ATC Gecko HD

Even though it is a camera made for kids, it can film at 720 HD quality at 30 fps and for its affordable price, we believe it packs quite the punch.


This little cam is able to film your entire day with its 5MP resolution. This camera can select by itself the ‘œinteresting’ parts of the subject and starts filming during the day. You will probably have a lot of pictures to choose from and share them with your friends on different social media.

Liquid Image 305 Hydra Series scuba mask

This scuba mask has a built-in 5MP camera which is very easy to use underwater. You can film up to a depth of 40m and with its big shutter, underwater photos capturing has never been easier. The battery can last for up 2 and a half hours.