What tech should you get for the triathlon training?

Triathlons require lots of intense training and no matter what is the place where you are training and if you're acting like Iron Man, you need intense hard training. Triathlons push your body to the limits.

Tech wearables exist so it can make your life better. You don't have to calculate and note down the laps and miles alone because there are gadgets that will do that for you. Those wearables will turn you into a speedy swim-bike-runner.

The Polar V800

This fantastic coaching system is what you need if you are on the start of a triathlon preparation. Polar Flow service is what can help you to create profiles for each sport that you want. Record data, analyze it and see how you've done.

It also has an integrated GPS that tracks the runs and a heart rate monitor that will even work in the pool.

This sweet gadget is being sold for 400£ or 520 dollars.

Garmin forerunner 920XT

If you like to ride a bike, pound the road or push the limits in the pool, Garmin's ultimate fitness watch will put all these sports in it and helps you achieve your goals at the triathlon. Track your pace, distance and almost everything you want with this incredible gadget.

You can buy this gadget for 389£ or 449 dollars.

Suunto Ambit3

This gadget comes with an IOS application for your iphone and its called Suunto Ambit3. It has the latest GPS-toting and it's the perfect watch for athletes. It also has a compass, speed, pace and distance tracking.

It is sold for only 350£ or 499 dollars.

TomTom Multi-Sport

It's system picks up your location faster and it is also more accurate, results being more precise. If you want to keep the track of your progress, this is what you should buy

The information is shown in real time and the thin design won't bother you.

Only for 129£

Finis AquaPulse HRM

This gadget has its strong points in measuring and tracking your heart rate. It is very accurate and efficient but remember that is not water resistant. Using an infrared sensor, it detects your heart rate through your earlobe and tells you if you pushed your limits too hard and you need to stop or that it wasn't enough.

It is sold for 124£ or 129 dollars.

The Wahoo RFLKT+

This gadget is a simple one and it does not come with a lot of tech. It just connects to your Iphone and uses it to work.

This device is sold for 79£ or 99 dollars.

SKINS TRI400 Compression Tri suit

This device basically gives you more power by delivering oxygen faster to your muscles. It also reduces your recovery time and the lactic acid build.

It minimizes the drag, ideal for water and road and makes it fit for hot or sunny days due to the UV protection. All of this is because of the Toray fabric.

Buy it for only 140£ or 299$.

The VRX MP3+ Personal Trainer

The mp3 player and the audio training tips is what recommends this gadget. A silicone cap is also included to protect you underwater.

Only for 119£ + 19£