What kind of wearable tech can we find in the IFA 2014?

When it comes to September, everyone in the tech world knows one word: IFA. Hosted in Berlin, the exposition will start this week and will have products from the leading companies in the field.

In the 2014 edition, we expect to see an entire new kind of wearables as a means to remain in the lead after Apple’s future iWatch launch.

This is what we expect to see…


The Korean company could have beaten the iWatch if it had officially announced its Samsung Gear S smartwatch last week.

The Gear S has a 3G connectivity besides its rounded design which means that the smartwatch can work without the aid of a smartphone, a thing which you could not do with other Samsung smartwatches.

Rumors say that there is a circular version of the Samsung Gear which could rival the ones of Motorola and LG but we doubt it will be announced during the IFA.

Should such a device really exist, it would be similar to an Oculus-powered VR headset. Nicknamed ‘˜Project Moonlight’, leaked images appeared sometime in August where we saw a Galaxy S5 next to it but we expect a phablet compatibility as well, seen as how Samsung announced that they will give more details about their Note products at IFA.


Rumors say that Sony will announce its SmartWatch 3 at IFA 2014. Rumors also say that the watch will have the same square screen as its predecessors, and either it will run on Sony’s wearable OS, or on Google’s smartwatch OS.

The best rumor is that the device has a built-in Wi-Fi module, which means it can operate without the aid of any smartphone.

Even better, we have already seen the Sony SmartWatch 3 thanks to a mysterious band which appeared in the SmartBand Summer School app advert on the company’s Facebook page.


Thanks to a tweet from the official Asus account, we know that the Taiwanese company will also launch a smartwatch in Berlin.

CEO Jerry Shen had already announced during an investors’ conference that an IFA launch was a possibility.

If latest rumors are correct, the device would be around $100 which could be a huge plus for the Android Wear market.


By all appearances, LG’s device is the better version of Samsung’s.

After Samsung officially unveiled details about the Gears, LG announced the G Watch R which will be displayed in Germany.

The G Watch R comes equipped with a P-OLED 13.-inch display of 320×320. Though leaks appeared before the official reveal, both manufacturers will have a real stand-off during IFA 2014.

Even though the Moto 360 was the most anticipated device, it seems that Motorola is losing ground in this contest.


Prior to LG’s announcement of their smartwatch, Motorola’s future Moto 360 was the star of the Android Wear market.

Still, we should not disconsider this device so soon. Even though we will have to wait six months for official data, this smartwatch promises to be a great device.

However, the IFA won’t be the company’s official launch. They have a Chicago event on 4 September but we expect to get our hands on the device during the Berlin event.


While Withings’ CEO Cédric Hutchings announced its Withings Activité to have an October release, we still expect to see the device at IFA 2014.

Better news still, the French company could be possibly announcing two more devices at the expo.


The Taiwanese company announced their Acer Liquid Leap ahead of IFA, with a 7 September launch and only £79.99. The smartband will be displayed in Berlin along with the Acer Liquid Jade smartphone.

More like a combination between a smartwatch and a regular activity tracker, the Liquid Leap is a 17mm rubber hypoallergenic strap available in five different colours.


If rumors are true. HTC will officially launch two smartwatches at IFA under the codenames WWY and CWZ.

There is nothing known about the CWZ but the WWY is rumored to have a 100×32 pixel, 1.8-inch screen.


Toshiba’s WERAM1100 was already launched in Japan earlier on but we are confident Europe will see it for the first time at IFA 2014.

A device with a supposed two week battery life, the WERAM1100 competes with devices like the Sony SmartBand or the Jawbone UP24 with its unusual step counting, calorie recording, sleep statistics and distance measuring features.


Apple is in the habbit of making its own unveiling events. The Cupertino event on 9 September is proof of that though we are pretty sure the iWatch could get a launch in Berlin too.

You can check out everything we know about the iWatch here.

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