What is new about wearable tech

Summing up the week, amazing wearables pop up from everywhere. Here are some of the greatest to keep you up to date about all gadgets that catch the attention worldwide.


i.am revealed its smartwatch band

We weren`t able to catch some inside glimpses about this band after it was announced by Will.i.am. So, its release was expected in order to satisfy our curiosities. The i.am+ Puls represents a mixture of scandalous and bizarre tech no one expected to see on the market. It does need a smartphone in order to send text messages or to initiate a call and it can charge by using a sleeve. Anyway, there is a maze of competition for this gadget to fight with.

The amazing Fitbit Charge

Fitbit had some rough beginnings with lots of ups and downs, including the controversial Fitbit Force. The company announced the Fitbit Charge and some leaks provided us some specifications along with pictures of the device.

The apprentice turned to wearables

The apprentice aimed to build some wearable technology in order to put it on the market for UK customers. Some say this represents a mixture of dullness of mind and self-centeredness. Anyway, this did not end up in the favor of the Apprentice.

Revealing Android Wear 2.0

Some rumors circled around Google and its plans. It was said that the Android Wear 2.0 was planned to be released along with the Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet. Anyway, this was not what happened, so Google is keeping us in the darkness furthermore.

Everyone is excited about the VR tech

Many announcements about the VR headsets were released lately. The most notable is the Carl Zeiss VR One because it makes us think about Zeiss`s experience in lenses and how to use them. This will turn out very interesting. Another important appearance on the market is the Archos VR Glasses. It is worth knowing the fact that Archos is not that experienced in optics and this is the reason why we can buy the Archos VR for only 25 pounds.

Bottom line, every company struggles to get the public`s attention with more and more innovative products. Wearables and wearable tech occupies a big amount of the place the market provides, so it will be hard to gain the first places with competitors like Google or Samsung. Some say the quality combined with an affordable price will make the difference.