What can go wrong with wearable tech?

Let’s make an exercise of imaginations. When it comes to wearables everyone wants to show off their benefits and improvements. We can also imagine what type of horrors some gadgets could provide us for Halloween.

Here are some ideas.

Considering the possibility of malfunction

Nowadays we see robot arms as an aid for those that suffer from the loss of a vital part of their body. But what if this specific tech will turn against its user? Tech is set up by people and people have their flaws which will end up with things not working as planned. So, beware! If a robot arm malfunctions things can turn out very bloody as studies show that it hurts like hell if you are hit by it.

What about electrocution?

This is all about Pavlok`s device. This wearable is designed to allow you establish some daily tasks like sleeping a certain amount of hours. The main idea about this device is that if you do not follow and achieve your tasks, it is able to electrocute you with 340 volts. This is an interesting, but odd idea of how determination works. Those kinds of devices have a history in training dogs, so there is no reason to be proud of a device that was meant to cause some pain to its wearer in order to set up some habits.

Considering Zombification’¦

Implants of all sorts have been in the public attention for a while. Some say those devices will be able to prevent and treat certain diseases. There are some that do not get convinced so easily about this. It is true that implanted tech can turn very dangerous. Third parties could easily get access to your brain and take full control of your body, which will not be a pleasant experience. Maybe we should think more before releasing those devices.

It would be nice to experience reanimation

Some say that our bodies could be reused after we die. Think about the exoskeleton designed by Cyberdyne Hal. This is all about smart gadgets that do not stop from functioning when our bodies become lifeless. This is extremely odd, even creepy, when you think that your wearable could contact your family in your absence. Why should someone want to use this wearable?

The popularity of talking dogs

Here enters the `No more woof` wearable which aims to transform barks and other dog noises into real language. This can be useful, but again, wouldn`t it be strange to hear everything your dog thinks about you?

The possibility of petrification

We consider petrification as being so scared that you cannot move anymore. It is sort like you have a ticking clock inside and you simply die of too much horror or amusement. This makes us take stress more serious because we do not want to end up dead because of our intense feelings. So, be careful with devices that allow you to experiment some serious virtual life. It could turn out too dangerous for you, even though the experience is said to be beyond amazing.