What are the best wearable kickstarters? - part 1

There are many good and worthy projects you read about on the crowd-funding platforms. Probably the most popular platforms are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

The internet is a great way to look for finances for your wearable tech projects, given the fact that there are many great ideas when it comes to this.

The best ideas are usually made public in order for others to see the importance of a certain project and financially support it.

Projects that had been supported through the internet are AmpStrap, Pavlok, Lineable and the Jolt Sensor.

Further, there will be mentioned some of the best projects.

1. Cmoar VR headset

The reason why this should be supported because it has the chance of becoming an extremely successful project is the Cmoar VR headset. And there are many reasons why the project should be supported: it is compatible with both Android and iPhone, it is really cheap – you will pay only $99 for it. The cmoar gamepad looks a bit like a regular Wii controller but it has the possibility of using a camera for augmented reality as well.

You can additionally choose a $19 power bank and also a $29 stand to safely keep it in your bedroom.

The cmoar has volume controllers on the side, a camera, navigation, external sensors and a charging port.

2. Smartstones Touch

This seems like an out of your time project. If you are thinking about the “I'm on my way” text messages that are sent in an inconvenient time namely you searching an outfit under piles of stones, you will probably want to support the Smartstones Touch.

The idea of the project is sending messages by tapping or swiping on the top surface of the stone and each gesture to have a specific meaning. The person you are sending the message to will receive a -coded message.

The ones that could highly benefit from this are the blind people, autistic people and elderly. The project gathered $50,000 by now.

3. Tracky

Tracky is probably the most waited project in 2015 and probably one of the best on Indiegog. As its creators say about this, Tracky will be the first motion capture sports wear.

With a bunch of sensors, you will be able to accurately monitor your workout statistics. This system is recording everything you ever wanted to know about your workout: heart rate, pulse, respiratory rate, temperature and burnt calories. The novelty is that the app is providing you with these information in real time.

The technology can recognize by now 198 sport techniques, more than 120 yoga combinations, 186 workout motions and an astonishing 1137 total sports patterns.

The kit costs $179 and you will get you a comprised of a t-shirt and trousers and 11 sensors that you can replace and the strap.

4.Acticheck Assure from an English company, is a smartband that is continuously giving you the information that everything is fine with you and with the people you care about.

The way in which it functions is easy to understand: the one that wear the band is biometrically checked every 15 minutes, namely its temperature, movement and the alarm is raised when some of the data seems wrong. Moreover, it sends voice notes and e-mails to your emergency contacts if something is wrong with you. For only £100 you ca buy the system.