Weekly wearable tech news

Wearable tech has some new and exciting additions this week. With Microsoft Band’s review and Apple Watch information, this week looks very promising.

Apple Watch’s screen resolution is finally revealed

Apple Watch just received the biggest insight since Cupertino’s wearable unveiling in September.

Along with the release of Watchkit, developers have also give out some very interesting information, this also includes the Apple Watch’s screen resolution. It was said that the iWatch’s display surpasses Samsung’s, true or not?

The news do not end here as it has been predicted that Apple Watch will be a smashing success. This makes us wish we had the intelligence and expert ability to work at analyst companies.

Microsoft Band bring sales back

The Microsoft Band has sold way better than people have expected, which lead to online stocks being emptied out too soon, right after its first launch. Nevertheless, the stores restocked and were soon empty again.

What do you think? Do you want in on the fun of hunting down a Band? Or simply wait until people have calmed down?

Liquid Leap and Basis are on sale now

We are very happy to announce that two more wearables have made it to the shelves this week: Acer Liquid Leap and Basis Peak.

Acer Liquid Leap is a band which will track and handle your activity, and will be on sale on Amazon for only £80.

Basis Peak was more awaited by the public. This is hybrid between a smartwatch and a sports watch made by Intel. This is the first result from Basis Science’s hard work. Basis Peak will be available for purchase in the US and in mid-December in the UK.

Intel’s smart band might the best looking on of its kind, but its success is not guaranteed due to awkward decisions in regards to the usability.

What will they think of next? Smart clothing of course

This week’s predictions seem to believe that fitness bands and technology will have to suffer due to smartwatches, and people’s interest in them will slowly decline over the next years. Smart clothing seems to replace or bands in 2016, and they will be a bigger success than sport watches and fitness trackers, or so some like to believe, at least.

Paying with your mobile

This week, PayPal added Pebble to the payments list, which means that the service will run freely on all top seller smartwatches, seeing as how Tizen and Apple are already hosting the app. Now users will be able to pay using smartwatches in supporting stores.