Weekly Wearable Tech

This week features a new Kickstarter crow funding project, new updates about the Jawbone UP3 delays and more skin irritation complaints for Fitbit. Start reading to find out the latest tech gossip.

Crowdedrocket aims for Kickstarter

Crowdedrocket is this week’s new crowd funding platform.

This new platform challenges both Kickstarter and Indiegogo in term of new wearable tech projects. CEO John Gotts gives us more information about the company saying that it mainly focuses on projects which will mostly likely be successful, and giving them a helping hand in terms of PR and marketing, in order to increase their chances.

There are many dangers when it comes to crowd funding and right now, Indiegogo is trying to find a way for optional insurance for future would-be backers.

Fitbit Charge causes skin irritation?

It looks like Fitbit still has not resolved this problem, seeing as how new complaints about skin irritation are appearing right after Fitbit Charge’s launch.

Fitbit was forced to recall Fitbit Force due to people complaining about irritated skin. Later on it was discovered that the adhesive used caused users to have this problem. The only said that the users should take a break from using their devices.

Jawbone UP3’s delays is beginning to be annoying

Fitbit is having troubles with the new band and Jawbone is having some problems of their own, such as customers wanting to purchase the company’s new device. You would think this is a good thing, tight? Due to the delays Jawbone UP had, they had to compensate the early-bird clients, and if you want a band, you have to wait about nine weeks. So, short answer, right now a high number of customers, or unhappy customers is really bad.

Uno Noteband breaks out of its set target

Happy news for the Uno Noteband which just recently outran it set target of $50,000. This band acts just as a notifier would, but you have it on your wrist. You can read the received text directly from it, without having to take out your phone.

If this is impressive, wait until you hear about the upcoming innovations which will change everything.

How about crowd funding this?

This week’s crowd funding feature is about the first wearable device made for boxing. This device will let you work out your punches. Also it is mostly aimed at MMA fighters, fitness types and boxers. The Sensor will the force of the punch, punch count and type and will display them on the wearer’s smartphone.