Weekly news in wearable tech

Covering up this week’s top news would be Android Wear’s new update, latest news about Samsung Gear VR and the HTC wearable.

New Lollipop update for Android Wear

This week all people seem to talk about Google’s Android Wear and its Lollipop update and some new features. Now, you are able to add more customized faces to your smartwatch without using strange apps and hacks.

with 30 new faces already released and many more on the way, Google has given its customers a great treat.

The improvements include some batter management work and card notifications. You are able to search up a complete Android Wear guide and how to add more watch faces to you Android Wear device.

HTC will unveil new wearable at CES

This rumor is so talked and speculated about that it might just end being true. HTC has finally decided to announce its new wearable device at CES, seeing as how the company promised to bring something to the wearable party.

Insurance companies join the wearable craze

With so many wearable tech coming out recently, it would seem as a surprise it the insurance companies would not want to join the fun. An US firm shed some light on their promise to give out 20,000 Misfit Flash to the customers. You will receive a dollar for every step target you reach.

Samsung Gear VR is now on sale

With Christmas right around the corner, it seems that Samsung Gear VR’s sale was right on time in the US. This headset is used together with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, combination which will allow the user to download the best Virtual Reality games and app Google has to offer for a perfect VR experience.

You should be able to find more information about Samsung Gear VR on the internet along with other Virtual Reality headsets, games and why not, even apps. Look them up if you do not have the newest Galaxy Note.

How about you crowd fund it?

This week’s crowd founder was one of Kickstarter’s popular projects, a promising crowd funding success story. ReTiSense’s Stridalyzer will try to solve some problems which are closer to the heart: how to stop runners from getting badly injured. There is a way to track your running habit, and that is with the help of smart insoles. What do they do exactly? They track your way of running and help you improve some defects you might have in the running form which can lead to runner’s knee.