Wearables to better monitor your baby

Considering that there are lots of new devices planned and designed every day, it would have been curious if there weren't any improvements in the baby monitoring area. The new devices apparently make the best smart baby monitors that you could ever find.

This area is called digital parenting and it sort of is the future of baby monitoring.

There are skeptics wondering why there have to be wearable tech for babies, considering the many generations that survived without them but if there are things that are improved and developed, why not taking advantages out of them? You will no longer have so many worries, because the wearable devices will monitor exactly your baby's health and general well being.

Some examples of wearables are:

1. Sproutling – Is a device that comes with a lot of functions and features, monitoring not only the main data such as heart rate, temperature but also informing the parents what time will be baby be up and whether the baby is likely to be cooing or grumbling. The device even tells you the level of noise from your baby's room.

Get the device for $259 at sproutling.com

2. Pacifi Dummy – Considering that the temperature is the main thing a parents checks at their baby when it feels like he or she is sick, the dummy will actually do this for you. The information will be send directly to your phone and tablet, and the ingenious idea of its creator is that you won't lose the dummy because you can activate its sounds through your smartphone.

Buy the Pacifi Dummy for £30 at bluemaestro.com

3. Angelcare AC1200 – Is the top producer baby monitoring devices and this is the first product that ever came out with a smartphone connectivity. The device is comprised under a blanket sensor pad, that is constantly monitoring the movements of the baby and it also has a two way talk-back within. You can connect the device to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

Get your Angelcare at angercarebaby.com for $300.

4. iSwimband – is more than a wearable tech, is a saving-life device. This will prevent an accidental fail of the baby into a body of water without anyone noticing, a terrifying scenario for any parent.

The device comes in two forms: a headband for swimmers and a wrist band for non swimmers. The functioning principle is easy: the device will show how much time the wearer was under water and will make a loud sound, alerting the parents or the guardian of the child.

The one for not swimmers will also make the sound if the wearer falls into a body of water.

Get this device for $80, at iswimband.com

5. Mimo – is the device that is the perfect solution for parents that are worrying about SIDS and any other infant conditions.

The device contains: a cotton onesie, two breathing sensors, a movement sensor, and many other assets to monitor the respiratory system, temperature and so on.

The system also records the sounds in your baby's room.

Get the device for $200 at mimobaby.com

6. Levana Oma – Is a portable device that is connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. You will attach the sensor to your baby so you get notification for example, anytime your baby stops moving for over 15 seconds.

The Levana Oma costs £34 at bonanzamarket.co.uk

7. Monbaby – is connected to a Bluetooth device and it send you real time information about the movements, temperature and breathing patterns of your baby.

The device costs $99 at monbaby.com

8. SunFriend is a watch-style UVA+B detector, monitoring both UVA and UVB rays so you can keep your baby protected.

The device can be ordered from sunfriend.com for £40.