Wearables that you wouldn't actually want to wear

To first clear up the ground, a wearable is not just something that you wear, but it is something that also does something with your body. Many manufacturers got to think that a wearable is something with a strap and this is why on the market there are many wearables that you probably wouldn't want to wear.

This is the result of campaign that misdirected the development of wearable wearables on the market.

Next, you will be reading a list with the 10 most non-wearable wearable devices.

1. BeanBeam Pinto

Even if people nowadays have all their data and information stored in the cloud, there are things that you might want to keep stored on a device. The BeanBeam Pinto is 32GB or 64GB Bluetooth hard drive that you can wear on your wrist.

Even if you might think this is wearable technology, BeanBeam Pinto is far from this.

2. Tommy Hilfiger solar charging jacket

This jacket has a great concept: on its back it has a solar array that can actually help you charge your devices while you are on the move. And the problem is not that this is not a wearable tech device, but the fact that you have to wear the jacket on sunny days, and this might get pretty uncomfortable.

3. Ralph Lauren handbag

The thing with high class designers is that they don't usually understand the wearable tech devices. The Ralph Lauren handbag that is supposedly a wearable tech, is actually a normal bag with a battery included where you can charge your phone and with some lights attach that are placed in order to help you find your keys in a big and messy bag. The only issue would be that a Ralph Lauren handbag will cost you about $5,000.

4. Archos Music Beany

The idea of having the headphones attached to your hat is not something new on the market. Archos developed a technology that you can do this via Bluetooth, with a hat that will have a 8 hours battery life. But the fact that you want a hat with speakers within is not such a bright idea.

5. JamBanz

JamBanz wants to bring something innovative to the way we are used to listen to your tunes. You will no longer need your small speakers and headphones, because you will be able to listen to them through your wrist.

6. Any game watch

This would have been a good idea 30 years ago. But there will probably won't be any pleasure to play a game on your too small watch LCD.

7. Drum pants

This would probably be one of the most annoying devices that someone could wear. Why in the world would someone want to make their thighs to create music?

8. Axent Wear

The cute headphones have attached on them some cat ears speakers on the headband. This is nice because you can listen to your songs by yourself or share them with your friends.

9. Acer Selfie Hat

The selfie hat came up from a partnership between Acer and a famous designer, Christian Cowan-Sanluis. The hat comes with a tablet holder that will let you take the perfect selfies.

10. Sony's FES

This can't be considered to be wearable tech because in essence does nothing smart. The only thing that it does is that it lets you change the strap design.