Wearables - football, golf, tennis, other sports

Most of the wearables are two a penny and are not that useful as they say.

You need a device to help you to push your limits and for sure there is one that will fit you.

Here is a list with some wearables you will surely like.

There aren't for all the sports but they will be released soon.

The 94Fifty basketball

Connect this basketball to your phone through bluetooth and with a mobile app, see the report on your skills and shots. The app has tips and advices as well as workouts with pre-defined drills.

It also tells you how should you play and it provides you exercises for dribbling and your handle force.

There are also a lot of challenges and overall it is a nice thing to use.

Only for $249.95, 94fifty.com

The SharkStopper – surfing device

This is a device made only for surfers that scares the sharks and makes them go away. It is an audio wearable, that creates an acoustic signal that is unpleasant for sharks. It is unpleasant but not harmful and all you must do is to wear it around your ankle or wrist.

Sells for $225, sharkstopper.com

Protective headgear – american football, ice hockey, boxing

These two wearables should be used for any sport that includes headgear so you keep yourself safe. Protect yourself from any kind of trauma or concussion. Buy the jolt and the checklight, charge them at USB, equip them and go play. It alerts the coach or the staff when the player has taken a blow to the head that might cause damage.

Only for $100, joltsensor.com / $150, reebok.com

The Sony and Smash smart tennis sensor

This sensors will basically analyze your hit and tell you the details including the spin of the ball, the hardness of your hit and others. They are not released yet but they will be soon.

In January 2015, the Sony sensor will be available on market for a price of 200$.

Smash sensor is more different because it is not a racket attachment. It is a wristband, it will be cheaper and more intriguing. Also, its mobile app will be more complete than Sony's.

$200, sony.com / £75, smashwearables.com

The Zepp and Game Golf

Many brands are making interesting wearable devices for golf but the serious ones are made by Game Golf and Zepp.

The wearable made by Game Golf it is a sensor that you tag it on the grip of your club. Its system will map the entire route and the course and after it will compare the strikes with the professional ones.

The other device made by Zepp is different from the Game Golf one and it analyzes the driving range.

£129.95, zepp.com / £159.95, gamegolf.com

Football gadgets : The f50 Adizero and the miCoach smart ball

The next two products are made by Adidas and if you are into football you should really try them out.

The f50 Adizero boots will tell you all the details about your running like where, how hard and how you do it. All of it take place during the game.

Pressure sensors are placed in this device that is, indeed, a ball. Smart Ball sensors are sending the info to the app, telling you how you hit that ball.

£220 / £160, adidas.co.uk

Snow sports – Oakley Airwave 1.5

With Snow2 tracking pre-installed and display technology right into the protection goggles, Oakley will make you look like a fighter pilot and keep you safe in the same time.

Speed, temperature, navigation and many more are shown in real time. It also connects to your mobile if you want to listen music , see your notification or answer phone calls.

Its Buddy Tracking system will detect your friends that are on the slopes around.

Sells for £520, uk.oakley.com

The Vaaka cadence sensor – Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing

New Zealand is well-known for its paddle sports and the nation became expert in the matter of this sport wearables.

A sensor that reports your cadence data and that measures your distance travelled speed was created by this company called Vaaka.

Type in your heart rate data and the device will tell you if you are paddling in the right zones to work out your body properly.

Only for $190, vaaka.co.nz