Wearables - five good reasons for them to stay

The wearable tech won't fade anytime soon even if there were some earlier attempts that have been bad, very bad. This is for sure, a product area that is going to live long.

They were greatly expected

Wearable devices have been everywhere from decades ago.

Batman's utility belt, Geordi La Froge's visor, Nikes with power laces and many more other technology dreams expressed the mankind's imagination.

It might sound funny or weird but those who created these science-fiction devices saw the potential of wearables.

Technology has developed in a such way that it will be hard for everyone to imagine himself without any wearable devices.

Wearables – health and fitness

The nowadays people aspire to health and fitness, creating a lifestyle that requires wearables, such as smartwatches or smartbands. Almost everyone is concerned about its weight and health and because of that, they need their fitness wearables.

Hitting the gym and working out hard is not what makes us healthy. What makes us healthy is having an active life, in general. Nowadays, everyone is well informed about their health and they wish to have a healthy lifestyle. They run, walk, jog, go to gym and for those, they need the smartwatches and the smartbands.

These devices won't make you fitter, healthier or slimmer, these just let you see the progress of your work. In this way, the devices keep you motivated.

Good for business – check

The employee productivity and morale is boosted by wearables. A study report showed that employees that wear wearables have done their job by 8.5% more than the others without. It was also mentioned that their satisfaction with their current job increased by 3.5% more.

This wearable technology is the biggest trend since tablets came out, said Chris Brauer from the Institute of Management Studies. It is normal he said, that the employees and business men will take wearable with them at their workplace.

In conclusion, it is proven that the wearables make more profit and they should stick around.

Loved by young people

The wearable tech is most popular with the young people, stated Nielsen. Almost 50% of the people who use wearables have an age of between 18 and 34 years old. It is a well-known rule by the marketers that if you capture's the consumer's attention while he's young, you will have it permanently.

The world knows that with each generation, the people get more tech-savvy. The young ones prefer technology and tech and not the old generation. If it were so, the wearables could be dead along with that old generation.

The top fitness trackers

The ones who bought a smartwatch and responded a few questions said that their main reason for buying was to keep tabs on their health. A proportion of 57% of the buyers said this, young people that want to keep themselves healthy in order to have a good life and live more. If they live more, the wearables will do same.

Apple is in it as well

Apple played the smart card and watched everyone releasing their products. Good parts and bad parts, mistakes and advantages were revealed. They learned from all of these and started to work.

Samsung announced many devices in such few time, almost an year. This is a big commitment for Apple, unlike Samsung and they prepare it well.

The Apple Watch was announced along with the iPad, in 2010. Apple usually invests a lot of time in its products, and they usually proved their efforts.