Wearable tech predicted by Red Dwarf

It seems that anything is possible in Red Dwarfs universe, when we refer to technology: talking luggage, intelligent toaster or even holograms, just to name a few. Dave Lister wore a video communicator on his wrist which he used to talk with Holly, the ship’s computer, we could consider this to be the smartwatch, the Cat’s dream recorder is the future’s sleep tracker, while the Escort Boots where smartshoes.

Holly Watch

Should we consider this the first time a smartwatch was presented? Maybe we are able to thik that since Lister used it to communicate with ship computer, Holly.

Time Gauntlet

This device was a weapon engineered by Inquisitor and was used to travel through time.

Artificial Reality Suite

This seems very interesting when we remember that it was a VR gaming room with helmets and gloves for feedback.

Escort Boots

These were footwear designed to guide the wearer to a pre-programmed place.

Smart Shoes

It was a fictional tech with which Lister fool Rimmer. These shoes where intelligent enough to ‘œwalk’ you home, no matter how intoxicated you were.

Dream Recorder

This device, as the name implies, recorded dreams.

Total Immersion Video Games (TIVs)

This gaming system connected to your brain to create an addictive experience very different to the real world.

Spinal Implant

This device was designed to be introduced in the victims neck from where you gained full radio control over their motor system.

While we have mentioned these sci-fi devices, a question pops to mind, how did they manage to imagine such futuristic technology? Co-creator, Rob Grant, might be able to give us some answers.

Future Prediction

Grant says that they never really tried to predict the future, but they believed that these things will at some point actually exist.

He also said that in the show the technology was the alien in it, as the show more or less focused on the characters. When a sci-fi world is created, the creators usually tend to remain attach to the technology of the real world, something which Grant made many efforts not to do.

The wearable tech

Not only Grant, but many gamers wish to see some of the VR presented in show eventually come to reality. It seems that Oculus is close to what Grant had imagined, but not quite there yet.

Potato men’s sex robots

This seems to the recent celebrity accounts’ hacking into a whole new light. Grant is mesmerized by the progress Japan is making in the robotic field, and he strongly believes that robots will be firstly used as sex slaves.

We are still for the virtual worlds to come

Grant does not believe that reality from the VR life will be as extreme as presented in Red Dwarf, but he hopes that it will have a more therapeutic effect than anything else. The biotech advancements is real inspiration for him. Populations chipping would make the concept of wallets, keys or even ID obsolete, but in a sense, it makes it quite scary as well.

Rogue wearables?

Grant does not find the area of wearable tech too interesting, even though fitness bands, sleeps trackers or sport watches are increasingly popular. He believes that he does not need a watch to remind him to worry about his health issues.