Watches that can combine classic with modern

It is hard to find a smartwatch that has both style and impressive tech. Nowadays, almost all smartwatches have a dull, odd look that certainly cannot be considered fashionable. There are some shy entries on the market like the HP smartwatch with the signature of Michael Bastian.

Anyway those small attempts are promising and could be the future of a smartwatch. In other words: if it is smart, it does not mean it shouldn`t have an amazing look. There are a bunch of customers that want the classic watch to have some modern features, which means companies lose clients because of their shortage in options offered to the public. There is an attempt from Swatch that wants to release this year a smartwatch that mixes those characteristics. Here are a bunch of watches that are perfect for those who adore tech too.

Seiko and its Astron GPS Solar

Seiko chose to replace the regular battery with solar panels that cannot be seen. In other words this is an amazing device that will make use of Earth`s GPS in order to be synced with the exact time. Seiko Astron GPS Solar will cost 1,995 pounds.

Tissot and its T-Touch Expert Solar

Tissot aims towards solar use and it has the advantage of being able to work continuously for a whole year if only is held in the sun for one hour. Anyway, it will have other impressive characteristics like an altitude info or weather info. Those features will be possible because the device benefits from an air pressure sensor which will make things accurate. Tissot T-Touch will cost 685 pounds.

Casio Edifice EQB-500 and its incorporated Bluetooth

This is the most representative combination made between a classic watch and tech. It allows you to establish some regular tasks but is so stylish you will first acknowledge the fact it is a classic masterpiece. Also, it won`t be so expensive and you will be able to buy it for only 300 pounds.

Citizen`s Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100

Citizen makes efforts to make an interesting come back on the market. So, the Japanese company tries to meet the requirements of its most unsatisfied customers. The Satellite Wave range incorporates some good looking watches that have a multitude of impressive tech under the hood. The most interesting thing about it is the Eco-Drive solar tech and its capability to quickly adapt to a new time zone. It will cost 1,299 pounds.

The Swiss Withings`s Activite

This watch that has a Swiss emblem looks very promising. It looks like an amazing classic watch, so you wouldn`t notice it in a regular watch shop. The interesting thing about it is that it can sync to apps, analyze your activity or wake you up when it is proper for you. This is the perfect combination between classic and modern. Pulse Ox will certainly become popular because of its looks and functionality.

Bottom line, all those companies that are specialized in watches tend to upgrade their timepieces by keeping the same look and not pointing out the tech that lays in it.