Watch out for the Apple iWatch

The Apple Watch has been officially announced, so it means that this new device announcement will cause a whole new series of rumors.

Doomed is the Apple company

Even before the iWatch announcement, many people agreed that this will be the end of the Cupertino company. John C.

Dvorak from PC Mag, said that this new device will be the company’s downfall, as he sees no reason to buy one if it cannot replace the actual iPhone. And he is not the only one to believe this, but Trip Chowdry (Global Equities Research)’s opinion is even gloomier as he said that Apple will be forgotten if the company does not think of something better.

The wonderous Apple iWatch

it was said that the Apple iWatch will not be out until 2016, but it is also believe that is was just another usual hoax floating around the news about new Apple devices.

What does the iWatch promise to do exactly? If you are someone that jumps on the rumor wagon, then you might believe that the watch will let know about calls and emails, and that it will the most important medical advancement since the invention of penicillin. The watch will be able to listen to the blood flow and predict heart attacks, and monitor your glucose levels. But as we said, these are only a few of the silly rumors surrounding the device.

Is Apple following the fashion?

Many fans searched up some information about how the famous watch will look like. The iWatch will be available in two versions, three versions or only one, or even more, with an AMOLED screen and sapphire glass. Until reality strikes in and we actually see the watch up close and personal, or find a review on the internet.

Well classic watches are about about fashion, style and function, so iWatch will need to have a nice appearance, so various concept images have been ‘œunveiled’ for the public. These concepts have a wide range of variations, from good concepts (MacUser) to simply gorgeous ones from Gábor Balogh and from most unlikely from Ciccarese Design to ‘œnot even going to try that hard’ concept versions.

Dave Heinzel’s mockups of the Apple iWatch adds as many features as he can think or make up , including something that sounds as ridiculous as this: ‘œThunderbolt Passthru with curiously long label pointer’. And it does not end here because he also added two slide-out QWERTY keyboards, a full size USB port, a stylus, and SCSI interface , SD audio and video input, ‘œfun button| and a stubby antenna. This imaginative concept made some people wish that Apple will actually have some of these features.

So what is really happening behind Apple’s doors?

If you want credible news and updates about Apple’s new gadget and who the company partnered up with, we recommend that you check an official guide to the iWatch. Who knows, maybe they give out some extra information about features and upcoming apps for the Apple watch.