Using wearables for child safety : kids trackers

Nowadays keeping track of children is becoming a piece of cake.

For those moments in the supermarket where you turn round to find your child missing you can use some basic trackers that use radio waves. The closer you are to the missing kid wearing the transmitter, the more frequent the beeps on your receiving unit, so you can say they are excellent for short distance monitoring.

There is another story with the GPS tracking, because with a GPS system you can see the exact position of the child you’re looking for. You can draw on a digital map an electronic barrier, which alerts the parent when crossed.

Here is a list of the best child trackers

Track Your Child Talk SOS

This GPS-enabled system is made of a pocket-sized egg-shaped transmitter unit and a dedicated smartphone app. You can have geo-fencing, two-way communication, speed tracking and a panic button for a one-time payment. With speed tracking you can monitor your kids who have just passed their driving test.

Mommy I’m Here

Mommy I’m Here it’s more a locating device than a tracker made of a teddy-shaped radio receiver and a plastic transmitter for the parent.

It’s perfect for those moments when your child gets lost in the supermarket and you panic. Press the button on the transmitter and listen out for a very loud beeping noise. There you go! Child found.

GPS Tracker for Children

Even if the system is a bit weird this tracker does its job. The unit also has a speaker for two-way voice and an SOS panic button.

Put the small pocket-sized device in your child’s pocked and the next time your kid disappears send a text to his GPS unit. The GPS unit will immediately reply some coordinates and you need to copy them into Google Maps. You found him!

Loc8tor Plus

It’s a radio frequency tracker that comes with a build in panic button and a fancy handset that shows you where your offsping is by using a series of beeps and directional pointers on a LCD screen.

Users can also set a geo-fence distance so they will be alerted when the child breached the barrier and also the tracker has a range up to 183m, which is more than enough for most of the situations.


HereO it’s not on the market yet, but it will be the first GPS tracking device that looks like a fancy watch so offsprings can brag and tell the time while you monitor them via iOS or Android device.

To make it work just sync the watch with the HereO app on your mobile device and you can track your kid on the map. Also using an easy series of commands the child can send a panic alert.

With HereO you can set a geo-fenced zone so that when your offspring breaches the barrier you will be alerted. The device it’s going to be on the market in December and it’s required to pay a monthly subscription of $5.

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel comes with a nice ladybird-shaped transmitter for the child and a pocket-sized receiver for the parent which beeps when the offspring wanders beyond a pre-determined distance.

You need to set a perimeter between 10m and 50m, and when breached, the unit will make noise. Also if your child vanished, move the receiver through a horizontal arc until a green light flashes then follow the lead.


The application Works only if your kid has his or her own phone. Lociloci is an online application that works with smartphones and GSM phones.

The system obtains data from the mobile phone transmission mast closest to the child and the information is displayed on a smartphone map or any web browser. Since you don’t need to buy a GPS receiver it will only cost £4.99 per month.

Filip 2

The tracker has a two way communication using a 2G connection to five pre-assigned numbers and you can also send messaged to the device, but the user can’t reply.

It works like a tracking device, the parents being able to locate their offsprings using the iOS or Android app and if you have more than one kid, you can create multiple profiles.

You can set up to five geo-fencing zones, and you will be alerted every time your child breaches the designated area.


The LG KizON it’s a wristband made for small kids that allows you to GPS track your offsprings and call them as well.

You can store numbers in your device and only calls to and from those numbers can be made. Also, if the kid won’t answer within 10 seconds, the connection will be made anyway so the parents will be able to listen to the situation that their offspring is in.