Using voice commands on your smartwatch

This is related to the voice commands you can use to make your Android Wear smartwatch get going. And of course it is an important asset especially if you have some sort of activity that doesn't let you access your phone and watch.

Even if you might have a rough beginning, voice commands will come in handy for you.

Some of the voice commands can even surprise you, with their accuracy.

And more than that, you might even say that voice commands are almost essential, when you are using your smartwatch. The main advantage, as mentioned, is the fact that you will have your hands free when performing some activities, or just doing house chores and you don't want to put dirt on your device.

There are many voice commands you can give to your device, but here you will have a list with 10 of the most used and helpful ones. When you are ready to activate your voice command you can simply tap once on the watch face or say “OK Google”.

1. Note to self

This is somehow the same memo you can write in your phone, but you won't have to actually type it. If you say “Note to self” a pop up will show up and you will be able to speak your memo.

2. How far to ..

If you are on the road and you need the time you will need to get to some place, ask “How far to…” and the destination you are looking for. A calculus will be made based on the traffic and distance and you will get an estimated travel time.

3. How old is ..

This voice command is similar to the regular Google search. You can say “how old is..” and the name of your favorite star and you will get the results without having to browse in the list. You can also do this with birthdays and in fact any information that you can find online.

4. What's my next appointment?

If you ask you smartwatch “What's my next appointment?” it will automatically search through your tasks list and calendar to see that event will next occur in the future.

5. Text..

If you are driving for example and you can't really text a message, you simply say “Text..” and the person you want to send the message and speak out your text. The message will be send via your phone to the addressee.

6. When is sunset?

The question can be both “when is sunset?” or “when is sunrise?”, and you will get the exact time on your smartwatch face. This is helpful if you want to see for example what time should you wake up or what time should you be home.

7. Set an alarm for..

You can set your morning alarm without having to touch your phone, but by simply saying “set an alarm for..” and the hour you want to wake up at.

8. Play music

If you want to play some music even if your phone might be on the other side of the room, simply say “play music” and it will open up the Play music app on your phone.

9. Start stopwatch

If you tell your watch to “start stopwatch” you will see a pop up on your screen that will record the time of your next lap. However, the start and stop is done with a finger tap.

10. What's the nearest..

When it comes to locations and maps, Android Wear is one of the best gadgets you can use. You can ask it what is the nearest restaurant, pizza, pub or museum and it will give you the navigation directions to the place you want to get at.