Understanding your sports smartwatch

If you own a running watch, you probably know all about your running cycles, steps, calories burnt and even your heart rate. However, you might not be familiar with information such as your cadence, vertical oscillation and the myriad of other fitness.

This is why you will have here an explained list with all the stats you might have never read.

1. Vertical oscillation

This vertical oscillation refers to the movement of the upper part of your body while you are running. If you want to run and make the best out of it, you should do it correctly. The point is that your legs should do all the work while there should be almost no movement in the upper part. This is measured from an exact point on your body.

If you are interested in this aspect, the best choice is the Garmin Forerunner 620 smartwatch.

2. Cadence

Cadence, or else said the foot strike rate, is the exact number of steps you do per minute. If you figure that you did this wrong, the good news is that you can easily correct it. Usually, the average cadence is between 150 to 200 steps per minute, but specialists say that ideal is for you to take 180 steps per minute. A tip to help you do that is to take 180BPM soundtracks and synchronize your steps with the beats.

The best running watch to buy is Garmin Forerunner 620 because it can give you the exact cadence without any further devices.

3. HR Max

HR Max refers to the maximum heart rate, and that is the maximum amount of heart beats in a minute while you are exercising.

It is important to know this information because you will therefore be able to improve and make more accurate workouts.

The best running watch to buy to improve this aspect is the TomTom Runner Cardio Adidas miCoach SmartRun or the Polar V800.

4. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

The BMR refers to the amount of calories that you burn daily without doing any exercise, but just by being alive. Usually, in order for you to find this out you should have take some serious and expensive tests in the lab. But now, you smartwatch can do this due to the fact that you provide it with some basic information such as age, weight and height.

It is important to know the amount of calories you burn while you are resting because it will be easier for you to know how much working out do you need.

The recommended running watch is the Polar V800.

5. Heart Rate Zones

It is sufficient to have the HR max information for you to segment your heart rate zone so that you know data about your recovery training, endurance base training, aerobic capacity training and so on.

Knowing this, you will do more accurate workouts and more result-oriented.

The best running watches to buy are: Adidas miCoach SmartRun, TomTom Runner Cardio or Multisport, or Polar V800.

6. VO2 Max

This refer to the maximum amount of oxygen you can inhale per minute per kilogram of weight when you are giving the maximum performance. This is also called the aerobic capability.

You can easily find your VO2 is using a smartwatch, because it uses your vital stats and you workout performance to determine it.

The best running watch is the Garming ForeRunner 620 or Polar V800.

7. Orthostatic Test

The orthostatic test is the measurement of the heart rate while you are resting before doing the same measurement while you stand up.

This will give you information about your general well being and how ready you are to start your training. For example, if you have your heart rate while resting more than 10 BPM above the average, you were probably overtraining and it would be recommended for you to rest.

The best running watch to buy for this is the Polar V800.

8. Ground Contact

The ground contact measures the amount of time out of your running when your foot is on the ground and not in the air.

You should pick the Garming Forerunner 620 watch for this.

9. Excess post-exercice oxygen consumption

This is the measurement of the amount of calories you burn after a workout, it is also called afterburn and it is due to the fact that your metabolism improves. This means that your body will burn a higher amount of calories than it usually does while resting.

The best running watch to buy would be the Suunto Ambit Sapphire 2.