Track your food ! Calorie counter apps and wearables

Counting up all of your calories it's one of the best ways to control your diet. The calorie tracker can point up some terrible news about your diet and the food you consume.

Your wearable gadget can point up what your normal eating habits are and it can help you by making some changes and improve those habits.

Huawei TalkBand B1

The problem isn't finding an application or a wearable to track your calories, but picking up the best one for you.

The best apps offer more than a calorie tracker such as instant nutritional information. The barcode scanners can give you the details you need about the food you eat and calories, making it easy counting them. There are a lot of diet applications these days so make sure you choose the right one for you.

The Jawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP24 it's focusing on eating rather than sleep and exercise. It has also a barcode scanner and a simple food log which takes photos of your meals. This new version gives nutritional information and helps you improve your diet.

It's not the best wearable due to its complicated charging system and not everyone would be interested to buy it, but if you really want it you can find it on

MyFitnessPal application

You can say it's the best application when it comes to calorie counting and diet management. Just tell your vitals and the goal you want to achieve, like gaining, losing or maintaining weight. Your job it's to register what you eat and drink and the application can estimate how many calories your body burns.

It's an easy app! The layout it's simple which makes it easy to navigate.

It's recommended to log your daily activity. You can do that manually or you can also sync it with a lot of health applications or fitness bands such as Fitbit, JAwbone and Withings.
The app it's free and you can find it on .

My Net Diary PRO application

You are wondering if this application it's worth £3.99? Beside calorie counting, tracking and died advance pro this application helps you choose your food using the barcode scanner. You can get nutritional advice on 600,000 different foods.

With this application you can track up to 45 different nutrients to make sure you are getting enough, so you can adjust to different specific diets.

This application it's focusing on food tracking, but you can sync your fitness band like Fitbit, Withings or Jawbone.

The Meal Snap

With only £1.99 you can track your calories by taking a picture of your snack or meal and the app will estimate its calorie content. You can also add a little description to improve results.

It's a great way to track the food you eat, and it's a lot more fun than typing, but it also requires a internet connection.

The Eatly application

It's a free application, but as Meal Snap you can picture your food and it will rate it from “very healthy”, “it's ok” to “unhealthy”.

It's a healthy start to your day and you might not learn anything, but you will control your choices of food.

The Nutrino

You can create a personalised menu by adding you vital statistics. It can also take into consideration food allergies and suggest what you should be eating in order to hit you goal.

It has a detailed food diary and you can sync it with Withing and Fitbits monitors. It's free so you can find it on