Tips to not insult anyone with a fitness tracker as gift

If you want to gift a fitness tracker this Christmas and you don’t want to hurt your loved one’s feelings here it’s what you should do (or say).

Get the same one for you

Tell them you need someone to make a team with while exercising and if they don’t want to accept this gift you might die or get seriously ill or never have sex again. They will definitively accept it!

Write them encouragement texts on Fitbit or start a competition in the Jawbone app, saying ‘žwe are all in this together’ and you didn’t wanted to leave anyone out.

If they failed to get fit DON’T remind them

You cannot say that you saw they failed to get fit in the summer and gift a Now That’s What I Call Fitness DVD and a Samsung Gear Fit to remind them of their complete failure. They eat a lot of sweets and finish a TV show in one week, but they are your friends. Be polite!

Buy a nice looking tracker

If you look for a good looking tracker you may want taking into consideration the Withings Activite watch. Just like any candy-coloured fitness band, the Withings tracks steps, distance, calories and sleep. It’s also small and it looks like a normal watch.

Show your brother how to download the accompanying stats app from time to time, even if he likes only the classy styling. In maximum two weeks he will annoy you with screenshot of his sleeping patterns.

Lie about a conversation you previously had

Remind them you had a conversation about how much they wanted a fitness tracker and getting fit and give them the retro Pebble Steel with some new added fitness features. It will definitively work.

Tell them about the non-fitness features

Tell them how great the Mario or James Bond watch face looks like, and how awesome it is that you can read your emails and track your heart rate all on your wrist. Point out the funny and nice features and everything is going to be okay.

Don’t target your tubby friends

If you organized a Secret Santa swap don’t aim the tubbiest person in the room. While everyone is getting boxes of chocolates and sweets, it is inappropriate to hand the fancy Fitbit Charge to some family member.

Talk about the unique features of fitness trackers

Tell them about the great features of fitness trackers – like the waterproof Misfit Flash can be worn while doing lengths which is perfect for enthusiastic swimmers. You can talk about what the technology can do and point to expert fitness tracker reviews. Focus on the data gathering and powerful hardware not on the fact that you are trying to change your friend’s style of living.

Know what phone they have

Be sure your device will work with your friend’s phone because there are some wearables that are iOS only and it won’t work with their HTC or vice versa. Make sure your gift will make your friends happy in that Christmas morning.