Tips for better fitness tracking

The Misfit Shine is a smart device that might fool you with its simple design. Even if you see it as a small and subtle design, you should know that there are plenty things this fitness tracker can do.

Here are some tips and tricks in order for you to make the best out of your wearable device:


Align your Shine – Make sure that the screen is placed straight on the strap, avoiding the off center placement. Make sure that the screen is facing north and clip it in place.

2. Don't lose your shine – You don't want to lose your favorite tracking device, that's why you should be careful to track yourself the device. Make sure that the magnetic part of your device is facing the inside of your clothing, so you won't accidentally stick it to any other metal object.

3. Record your eating – There are some partner apps for your Misfit Shine device such as: AchieveMint, Azumio, Betterise, Digifit, Fitt, Glow, Humana, MyFitnessPal, MedHelp and many others. These are food tracking apps that help you monitor what and how you are eating. This is the easiest way to monitor your body fat, burnt calories and so on.

4. Kick off an activity – Even if you regularly use your Misfit Shine device just to track or ordinary daily activities, you can set it up to track a specific kind of activity. To start a specific activity, you should tap the Shine for three times and a lightning ring should appear on the screen. This marks the beginning of your session. You can note down your activity later on and choose from activities such as swimming, cycling, yoga, etc.

5. Use the smart alarm – You can set a smart alarm, that will actually be able to wake you up when you have your lightest sleep, so you will get out of bed as fresh as you can get. Set it up by tapping on the moon icon. Don't forget to also choose your favorite wake up tone.

6. Pair up a Pebble instead – If you also own a Pebble smartwatch you can pair it with the Misfit Shine. And this is really interesting because for example, if your Misfit Shine runs out of battery and you have no possibility of recharging it, you can make sure that you don't lose your tracking data because it will be transferred to the Pebble Watch.

7. Prioritize your vital statistic – The information your Misfit Shine will provide you with are based on your preferences. Therefore you can choose what data you want to be mainly shown.

8. Auto sleep tracking – This means that your Misfit Shine is able to automatically track your sleep.

9. A sneakier way to sync – The connection between your Misfit Shine and your smartphone is based on a synchronization process, but you don't have to do it constantly. As long as your Shine is in the range of the Bluetooth connectivity, the devices should pair up automatically.

10. Don't leave your Shine at home when you're out of town – Go get a beautiful Misfit Shine necklace so you can accessorize it with your favorite dress so you won't have to keep track of your information.