Tips and tricks for your Samsung Gear

The Samsung Gear Fit was one of the most wanted fitness trackers, but know that the device doesn't just look pretty, but it has a lot of functions that you must know of.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you use the device better:

1. Get a better view in portrait mode

A good idea is to switch the view from landscape to portrait view.

It will come more natural to look at and it will make you read your messages easier. This was actually and update, and it was so much help for the Samsung Gear Fit users. The option can be found in the Display Menu.

2. Adjust the brightness with some taps

Some of the users complained about the fact that you have a hard time reading anything from the display in powerful sunlight. And the manufacturer made it easier for you to increase the brightness without having to search for the brightness adjustments settings in the menu: just double tap the watch for two fingers.

3. Double Press option

Another option that will help you when using the Samsung Gear Fit device is the Double Press option, which will let to pick your favorite app and if you want to open it quickly you will simply have to double press on the main button. A suggestion is that you should chose an app that you frequently use, such as the pedometer.

4. Don't let it bother your sleep

If you don't the device to disturb you or to wake you up, you have the Blocking Mode option, so that it won't interfere with your sleep monitoring. You can activate this option by tapping Sleep and scrolling right. This will switch the device to Blocking Mode and also you will see there the data gathered from your sleep monitoring. The only issue with this option is the fact that you can use the Blocking Mode option only when the device is set to tracking sleep mode.

5. Display more information on the clock

If you want to see other information on your screen not only the clock, you can go to the Settings menu, tap Clock and you will then be able to choose other widgets as well, such as calendar or weather to show up on your home screen.

A good idea would be to add the pedometer on the home screen so anytime you check what time is it, you will also see your results.

6. Overview on your sleeping data

If you want to have a record on all your sleeping data, you will have to get the S Health Sleep app. And then you will be able to view all your sleeping logs on your phone.

7. Set up quick reply messages

As it was previously mentioned, the Samsung Gear Fit has a lot of functions, including reading your text messages and emails and also responding with a Quick Reply. The Quick Reply option allows you to send a predefined response only with one tap.

8. Hidden service

It is recommended to use it only if something goes wrong with your device. If you access the Settings menu, Gear Fit Info – About Gear Fit you will find all the data about your device. Tap the bottom of the screen ten times, type in *#0*# and here you will see the accelerometer tests, touchscreen and others.

9. Sync the Gear Fit with your apps

For example, the S Health will not sync automatically with the Gear Fit pedometer, and the solution is to open the S Health app, select Pedometer and select the Phone data to view. And this is how you will get the two connected.