Things you have to know about the Android Wear 2.0 update

It is important to know that Android Wear came with its first major update, that is Android Wear 2.0, because it came with a lot of new features for the smartwatch platform.

Even if we name it Android Wear 2.

0 it is actually called Android Wear 4.4W2, and the enlightening news is that the update is available for all Google smartwatch devices, so every user will benefit from the update.

Not only that it has some improved features, but this update proves that Google is actually investing in its Android Wear project and it is supporting the platform and its development.

You will further read a list with the major things that changes with the Android Wear 2.0 update:

Android Wear 2.0 Bluetooth, GPS and offline music

This is probably the feature you will take most advantage of, because you will be able to pair your smartwatch with a device via Bluetooth. This is such a good news especially for the sports fans users, because it means they will be able to play their favorite tunes that are stored in the watch via Bluetooth connected wireless headphones. And more than that, you will also have the possibility of connecting other devices, such as a heart rate monitor.

What is more about this first feature, is the GPS support that is added to the operating system. This is a very important feature, and it is good to see that the developers thought about adding this so early in the improvement of the Android Wear. The advantage comes for the runners, that can keep track of their runs better with a GPS connection. However, only the Sony SmartWatch 3 from Android Wear devices has a GPS radio.

Almost all smartwatches come with a 4GB internal storage, music playback might be a little rough, and this was a signal for the next update, for some offline-music access feature.

The Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang said that the update brought a lot of useful features, which made the watch a better asset, and also the updates will be automatic so there won't be any Android Wear users that will fall behind.

Software tweaks

As any company that respects its clients and costumers, Google had been taking into consideration all the feedback that came back to them. Chang said that they had been closely analyzing the feedback that they received. One of the ideas was that users don't like the notifications to cluster on the tiny screen. You are now able to clear your screen by putting your finger on the notification and push it down.

Another option that is taken into account is the customization of the watch faces.

The future for Android Wear

The devices from the Android Wear family are rapidly multiplying, in the line up for now being the Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and G Watch R, Asus ZenWatch and Sony SmartWatch, all using the Google software.

The downside is that Google, since it launched the software, made no improvements of the system. And even if it is a great and promising start, there are many glitches that have to be fixed.

The update will be released soon so the thing to do is to keep an eye on your smartwatch's notifications.