The wearable revolution started by smartwatches

Even though most of the smartwatches available on the market are meant to be commercial, they are meant to be the openers for the wearable revolution. So, devices made by Samsung, Sony, LG and Microsoft tend to be regular devices because they are too many and there are too little differences among them.

Let`s talk about Samsung

In 1999 we can say it was the moment when Samsung realized that smarter devices should be built.

The Samsung SPH-WP10 represents the first attempt to create a CDMA authorized smartwatch. It was an innovative device at the time because of the fact that users were able to make calls while being active. The company stated back then that this device will be representative for the millennium that was about to come. And as it turns out, they were right. In 2009 S9110 was released and we can easily observe how it resembles the Gear family. It had a 1.76 inch touchscreen and an odd design. It sounds a lot like the Gear nowadays.

Some LG attempts

From the year 2008 we have the popular LG Prada Link. For that time it was the must-have device for everyone that desired to be cool. A year later, the LG GD910 was presented at CES and followed the fast spreading idea that a watch should be able to function as a phone too. So, this device had 3G and offered the possibility of making video calls. Why can`t we do that with LG G Watch R?

Sony and its smart devices

The first attempt of Sony was the Ericsson SmartWatch MBW range. This device had options like weather info or task lists. After this, the company released the Sony Ericsson Live View which was a predecessor for Sony SmartWatch and the other two variants. By using Live View you got access to Android smartphones.

How Microsoft started

The first and it seems last attempt for Microsoft to create a wearable was made in 2004. Back then the company revealed the fact that it was preparing the Microsoft Spot which required a yearly update that cost 59 dollar. This could`ve never work out! Anyway, it is said that for 2015 Microsoft will release its own wearable by taking into account the companies it was working with in 2004. Among those we can mention Citizen, Timex, Fossil or Suunto.

Fossil turns towards smartwatches

In 2002, Fossil made its first small steps towards wearable tech. The Fossil Pal Pilot was a watch that resembled very much a PDA that actually looked a lot like Samsung`s Gear Note. So, it is said that Fossil is going to try again and release a smartwatch by collaborating with Intel.

The last but not the worse: Motorola

The predecessor of Moto 360 was released in 2012. It was named Moto ACTV and it worked as a fitness band that had Android. By using it, you could send texts or see notifications from Twitter or Facebook. It is said that this prior version was more popular than Moto 360.