The Wearable personality of the year - wearable picks

Three of the best personalities shaped the wearable landscape with their inspiration and creativity.

Three of them have been picked and in the end only one of them will be chosen as the wearable tech personality of the year.

Sophie Charara- Contributing editor

The game in 2014 might not have been changed by Kovert Design's Kate Unsworth's wearables but her ideas did change it.

She always had a philosophy about spending less time looking at calls, messages and emails. In order to fix this thing that she calls it a problem, she developed a wearable that helps to filter all of those notifications. Those ideas came up in days and we are looking to years in front of us. Imagine what she might think of.

Paul Lamkin – Editor in chief

The hearbeat of the wearable industry is none else but Sonny Vu. He isn't just the CEO of a successful wearable company and as he says, ” We're making the science available to anyone”. For now, he designed one smartwatch but he sais that until the end of the year, he will have a half a dozen smartwatches. Its company designed even some activity trackers that are competitors for the Misfit Shine. He has a vision of how the mass consumer of tech will evolve.This vision concentrates on the data and platforms instead of the single products and will allow people to enrich their lives.

James Stables – Senior Editor

Newson's arrival at Apple took no surprises as the iWatch made its debut complete with nods to Newson's work on mechanical watches. Newson is an old friend of Jony Ive and its presence was a good thing for Apple. It is not known for sure if he had an involvement in the creation of the Apple iWatch but is well-known that he we will have an involvement in the Apple Watch 2.

The winner – Sonny Vu

A huge year had the CEO and the founder of Misfit. Along with this, the Silicon Valley is going to be a giant in the wearable space. Sonny has seen that convergence of fitness features into smartwatches and the risks of it before releasing the Misfit Flash and started to change his business.

Sonny has a 40$ of finance from China which could throw Misfit into the most lucrative market in the world. Basically, Sonny and Misfit are doing an amazing job.