The VR One of Carl Zeiss

As the wearable market grows faster and faster and we have newer and newer devices, we can observe newcomers like the optic specialist Carl Zeiss. Carl Zeiss revealed its Zeiss VR One headset which will cost about 99 dollars for pre-orders.

They are pretty similar with Samsung`s Gear VR and can be used with a smartphone.

The main difference between those two is the fact that the Zeiss VR One can be connected to any iOS or Android handset that has 4.7 to 5.2 inches.

When it comes to its design, Carl Zeiss appeals to the maze of developers all around the world in order to set up apps. Also, he hopes he will get help from designers, engineers, artists and so on to help him bring to life its concept.

It is similar to Google Cardboard, but the difference is made by the fact that the Zeiss VR has polycarbonate and not cardboard. Anyway, it offers an amazing 100 degree angle of view which will make things more than realistic.

The Zeiss VR One will benefit from two regular apps, one designed to be a media player for photos and YouTube videos and another one for increased involvement. Anyway, it is not odd that a specialized company for lenses chooses to take a step in this field. Even though Carl Zeiss VR One cannot pass over the famous Oculus Rift or Sony`s Project Morpheus, it can really catch the attention of those that aim for real VR motion.

So, it is expected for these headsets to overpass in quality the competition. Google offered to the public the opportunity to achieve VR experiences by simply using a smartphone. Samsung tried to overcome Google`s success by releasing Gear VR. Carl Zeiss VR One is aimed to be just the thing everyone wanted to find on the market: a regular VR headset that has the capability to offer increased and amazing VR experiences. COmpared to Samsung`s price that goes between 200 dollars to 500 for a Galaxy Note 4, this will be an affordable version for the VR that can work on both Android and iOS. It is said that when it will be released it will work on Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6, which is a big difference between Zeiss One and the rest of the headsets. We will see who will win this battle of the VR era, but this new entrance on the market will certainly be remembered.