The Sony SmartWatch 2 - best apps

Lots of people are looking to get the best apps for their SmartWatch 2 even if the SmartWatch version 3 is almost released.

There's a wide variety from which you can choose, apps from run trackers to traffic alerts and many more.

Some users prefer fitness apps, some prefer productivity ones, and some prefer control apps or notification ones.


Use this app to sync your clipboard to your watch, accessing your info quicker. In this way you won't forget your memos and passwords. This is a fast and simple way.

Available free.

The Endomondo Sports Tracker

This free app keeps up the pace with the fitness takes by tracking maps and your sports activity. It offers you goals and motivational targets to keep you going, to make you push your limits. It also shows audio cheers from friends via social media.

Available free.

The SmartWatch Music Player

This is a simple and easy app for music that is available on the Sony SmartWatch 2. You are free to customize it with backgrounds and play with the bass and treble adjusters. You can also sync your watch to music or your background artwork. Open the playlist on your smartphone and with the watch, control the tracks. Runners and commuters will benefit a lot from this.

Sells for 0.77£


This simple app will sync the directions from your phone and puts them to your wrist. It will be very useful when you are lost or when you need to get to a certain place real quick. It isn't good looking, flashy or anything else but it does the job and takes you where you need to go.

Sells for 0.77£


This app provides a a wealth of data about your walks, your travelled distance and the calories that you burned while you moved. Walk history can be checked and shared via social networks. Show your friends what you did by sending them the data on Facebook or Twitter.

Available free.


This an app made mostly for the home security fans. It streams the video from your phone cameras, front one and back one, to the smartwatch. Swipe the watch screen and take a photo of the stream. If nothing moves and no motion is detected, it will go into battery-saving mode. Watch your kids, your dog or your cat anytime you want with this simple app.

Sells for 3.45£


Install this app, put in your birth date and your emotional, physical and intellectual biorhythms will be calculated. It is very simple to understand and it has a simple design. If you are a believer in such things, this app is perfect for you.

Available free.


This app allows you to sync your smarwatch and phone fully. In this way you can see and manage the notifications from all the important apps. You can manage calls, email and also Facebook. Select for what apps you want to receive notifications and customize how they come through.

Available free.

Augmented Smart Traffic Watch

This app allows you to set some favourite spots on your smartphone, sync them to your watch and watch the live traffic cams from your wrist. In this way you will avoid crowded zones, stagnating ones and jams and you will get in time where you need to be.

Available free.