The smartwatch designed by Clevercare is meant to help Alzheimers suffers

The Clevercare is from New Zealand and wants to break the myth that states the fact that wearables are designed only for tech friendly people. But this startup wants to prove that technology can offer a tremendous aid to elderly people that cannot be able to live their lives on their own.

This smartwatch that Clevercare presents is destined for those people that suffer from conditions like Alzheimer or diabetes.

Its characteristics attempt to provide some rest to caregivers while offering help to the user in order to be able to have a more autonomous life.

From the maze of characteristics we can mention the possibility to set up warnings like at which time to take medication. The alarms are designed to keep going until the user shuts them down. This is a system that wants to make sure that the user is repeatedly reminded that he or she has something to complete.

An interesting thing about this smartwatch is the fact that it has GPS incorporated. This is no novelty, but it can offer to the caregiver the opportunity to set up some limits for the user. So, if those limits are crossed the caregiver will be announced. Also, the watch can get calls in order to make more easily the communication between the user and the caregiver.

Anyway, this is a Sony SmartWatch 2 that uses the Clevercare software and because of the fact that it has Android it is the best choice when it comes to using indication apps. It is an independent device that does not need to be connected to a smartphone.

This is not the first attempt to build a wearable for those that suffer from certain diseases. The main principle that is followed when it comes to those devices is to provide an amount of freedom for both the caregiver and the elder.

Like it happens to all devices that have incorporated amazing technologies, there are some faults. The main disadvantage is the fact that for a person that has Alzheimer it can turn out very puzzling. If they face a very complicated watch they will tend to ignore it because they will not remember what each thing does. Another disadvantage is that they battery won`t last too long. The estimate usage on battery is for maximum 2 days if charged.

It is obvious that Clevercare wanted to use this technology in order to provide an aid for caregivers. But it is recommended before buying to think seriously about how well the person in question will adapt to this thing.