The pioneers of smartwatches

Even if Apple's smartwatch might be one of the most expected and high profile smartwatch on the market, it is important to also mention that Cupertino also had some major influence in this industry, and also the Android giants that are just behind.

But know that, is this just the present. The first smartwatch dates back in 1927 and it was still popular in the 80s and 90s.

You will further have a chronological list on the pioneers that created the path for the launching of the Apple Watch.

1927 – Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator

Probably the best almost GPS in the 20s, that would actually really help you to get from the point A to the point B. And think about not having to charge it every night.

1972 – Pulsar

It took 50 years to design the next all-electric watch, which was also a high class product, considering it was crafted with 18k gold. Back in the 70s, you would had needed to pull out of your poket $2,100 to buy it.

1982 – Seiko TV Watch

Since James Bond worn this watch in Octopussy, it became quite popular. Also, the cost was about £500.

1983 – Seiko Data-2000

The smart Seiko Data was able to store two memos, had a calendar and also a calculator integrated.

1985 – Sinclair FM Wristwatch Radio

This watch was in the plans of a British company but unfortunately it never became more than a prototype. It was so popular because it would have been the first watch with three main components: an LCD, a piezoelectric speaker and also a FM tuner.

1995 – Seiko MessageWatch

The watch displayed the called ID and moreover, you would get updates from sports, weather forecasts or stock prices.

1995 – Breitling Emergency Watch

As its name suggests, and emergency watch was a watch that could actually have the functions that helped saving other people. It actually became famous after it was crucial in the rescue of two British pilots, after their helicopter crashed and was lost in Antarctica. Emergency II appeared on the market in 2013 and you can now buy it for £9,000.

1998 – Linux Wristwatch

This might be considered the beginning of wearable tech because the watch was programmed to communicate with your PC, cell phone and any other device that would allow a wireless connectivity. This watch had the function of letting you read your e-mails and also receive the type of messages you would normally get on your pager.

2002 – Fossil Palm Pilot

The Fossil Palm Pilot was the first attempt from Fossil to create wearable tech. With this watch you could add memos, have an address book, a calculator and it had a stylus integrated.

2003 – Microsoft SPOT

Even if rumors say that Microsoft will be creating a new wearable for 2015, this wasn't so popular in 2003. The problem back in the days was probably the fact that people wouldn't pay $59 a year fee.

2003 – Garmin Forerunner

The original Garmin smartwatch was able to track your speed, distance pace and calories burnt. It has an important role in the development of sports watches.

2012 – Nike+ Fuelband

The Nike+ Fuelband was so inspired and motivational because it had the function of tracking your steps but it also forced you to gain Fuel Points during the day. And you could also easily sync it via Bluetooth.

2012 – Sony SmartWatch

First, the Sony SmartWatch was compatible with the Xperia smartphones, it had a 1.3 inch display and it was successful on the market even if it had some issues.

2013 – Pebble

The Pebble smartwatch began as a very successful campaign on Kickstarter, and it quickly developed and improved, now having over 1,000 applications available.

2013 – Samsung Galaxy Gear

This watch was first announced in 2013 at IFA and a year later there had been launched on the market five more Samsung smartwatches. The first product wasn't as qualitative and as good as it should have been, but it was probably released on the market for its competitors to have an opponent.

2014 – Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit was the pioneer in the Gear devices. The most impressive thing when it came to Samsung Gear Fit was the beautifully curved display.

2014 – Moto 360

The Moto 360 was one of Motorola's most successful projects, considering that from at least one point of view, its design, outrun its Android competitors. The watch also costs only £199.

2014 – Samsung Gear S

The first Samsung smartwatch that can function independently from a smartwatch because of the 3G connectivity. The look of the watch is a big plus, surprising its users with an elegant and classy design.

2014 – Apple Watch

Last but not least, the Apple Watch also known as iWatch was officially announced in September 2014.