The most representative movie wearables of all the time

The majority of the wearable devices that reached the headlines in 2014 were more like that kind of science fiction brought from the future than tech fact. Mind-reading wrist bands, voice controlled smartwatches and activity tracking smart shoes appeared on the market. This can make one think about which movie`s iconic gadgetry could reach the tops.

The watch phone from Dick Tracy

That watch phone is perceptive. In other words, the private-eye established calls with his timepiece before LG and Samsung started designing the real thing. Anyway, the watch phone could not have Twitter or send text messages, which was a big downside. LG announced the Watch Phone back in 2009, but it did not make too much fuss until the smartwatch boom of the last couple of years.

The Nike Mags and Back to the Future II

Back to the Future II was the movie that went straight to the hearts of gadget lovers. The pair of Nike shoes that fasten themselves up when you step into them manage to increase everyone`s imagination. Actually, Nike sold off a pair in 2011 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson`s Research.

The JVC Personal Video Glasses and Back to the Future II

Again from Back to the Future II, we have Marty Junior wearing a pair of JVC Personal Video Glasses. This device allows you to watch and pause TV and they can be activated by voice. They resemble Google Glass.

The Proton pack and the Ghostbusters

This is the most serious wearable encountered in a movie. The Proton Pack is a Neutrino Wand linked to a backpack-sized particle accelerator. It is meant to weaken ghosts and keep them in a place while the trap is established in order to catch them.

Batman`s utility belt

Batman is one of those superheroes that have wearable gadgets. The best example is the utility belt that has everything you will ever need in a fight: batarangs, grapple gun, ultrasonic bat beacon and so on. No one can beat the one designed by Adam West.

The Nintendo Power Glove and The Wizard

The story from the movie The Wizard goes like this: a boy runs away with his brother in order to compete in the most amazing videogame championship. On their way they find the Power Glove which represents an awesome accessory that helps you control Rad Racer.

Minority Report and Motion controls

This is another thing from a movie that has transformed into reality. In this movie, Tom Cruise commands a wall-sized computer screen by simply swiping and making gestures with his hands. This resembles the Kinect on the Xbox One. The only difference is the fact that in the movie you have to wear gloves.

The famous suit from Tron

The suits from Tron are not so innovative when it comes to technology. The single thing they do is light up with LEDs, which is pretty awesome. In reality, NASA is using a quite similar design for the spacesuits that astronauts will wear to Mars.

The watch James Bond wears in Live and Let Die

It is hard to select only one of Bond`s timepieces, but the Rolex is one in a million selection. It can be a magnet and it can spin fast enough in order to manage to cut through rope which is quite useful when it comes to life and death situations.

Star Trek and Geordi La Forge`s visor

La Forge is blind and that visor offers the opportunity to have a sense of light. It is able to scan the electromagnetic spectrum in order to establish a visual input, which allows La Forge to experience the energy phenomena. We hope this will be transposed as soon as possible into the real life.