The most interesting wearables you should buy nowadays

If you are among those that have some money to spend on the latest wearables appeared on the market, you should try one of the devices that follow.

The Moov

Moov is a successful wearable that after its release stirred the interest of people so much that it ended up with 3 million dollars profit. The feature that led this wearable to success is the fact that it works as if it were your coach.

So, this device can offer you info on how wrong your posture is and how it should be while running.

Blocks wearables

The trend is evolving and Google is adapting. So, the company turned towards modular smartphones which offer you the possibility of changing pieces of it and saves you the need of hunting for newer devices. You simply upgrade your existing phone`s components. Or if you are looking for some specific characteristics like fitness info, you can add a targeted component that will help you focus on that. Do not forget that this will cost you around 500,000 dollars!

The Magic Leap

This company is a bit unknown and we still wait to see what its wearable with be about. Though, it is known that Google and Qualcomm are investors, so they waiting may be worth. Some say that this company is experimenting on how to establish a new generation of VR tech that will not be based on inconvenient hardware.

The company named Thync

This company experiments various ways in order to revolutionize the wearable tech world. They aim to create a device that can offer you aid when it comes to calmness or improving motivation. Thync is building devices that will be able to send electric signals to our brain in order to determine it to quit some bad habits. It is estimated that this device will be available by the end of 2015.

Sensoria and biometrics

It seems like tech companies are trying fervently to build up devices that are almost unseen. Biometrics clothing is an advantage of Sensoria because this company has already experience in the field with its smart socks and t-shirts. Also the company announced that soon enough they will reveal to the market a smart bra for active ladies.

The Meta

Because of the fact that on the market we see only big companies that build smartwatches, we tend to ignore the small attempts to get a spot on the market. The best example is Meta which is specialized in devices that first amaze you through their watch qualities and second by its wearable features. So, the Meta device is able to offer you info about notifications and other important settings.

OnBeep comes straight from SF movies

OnBeep is a company that tries to build devices that resemble those from Star Trek. Mainly, they are designed for staying connected with a bunch of people and share all types of info. This can prove very helpful for teams or employees that work in a far too big building and cannot get physically in touch one with another. This sound pretty helpful.