The Microsoft Band - Only 199$

A Microsoft smartwatch was hugely expected to arrive before Chrstimas but instead, a fitness band came out. None expected this, a fitness band. especially before the end of October.

The Redmond tech goliath has unveiled the Microsoft Band which will steal the customers of the Jawbone UP24, Garmin Vivosmart and the Fitbit Charge with its entrance on the tech market.

The new daddy of the fitness tracker genre is here, and it is the Microsoft Band. Microsoft officially revealed the features and the spec sheet of its product and it will clearly overtake the others.

The Microsoft Band has all the expected recording functions such as step counting, sleep quality analysis and calorie burn recording for the usual lifestyle. It will beat the Windows 8 and the Windows Phone, rocking the modern titles.

The band will have a 24 hour rate monitoring and a GPS connectivity. The GPS will be built-in and despite all the other devices, it won't need a smartphone around and paired to work. Microsoft went to the next step by creating this wonderful device that will record and map your runs live.

Microsoft has made the right call and allowed its Band to work with Android and iOS aswell, not only with its Windows smartphones.

You can set goals and the Band will let you see how you're doing against them. It provides real-time updates and it learns about you in time, personalizing the tracking and the objectives for you. Another feature of this Microsoft Band are the guided workouts that as well as the GPS, are built-in.

Cortana, your personal assistant, is ready all the time, on voice control, ready to tell you when you need to sunscreen-up or not. This is possible due to an UV monitor that is integrated into the Band.

This Band also allows you to view emails, calendar reminders, manage calls, text and social media. You can even check the weather to see if it's gonna rain or not and how the stock exchange is going.

It has a 1.4 inch 320 x 106 display, a TFT one which displays in colours not black and white. The band is full of sensors such as optical heart rate sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer. There is also a GPS sensor, an ambient light sensor, an UV sensor, a skin temperature sensor, a capacitive sensor and a galvanic skin response sensor. It is basically loaded with sensors of all kinds that makes its spec sheet impressive.

Microsoft stated that the Band battery will last for two days and it will take one hour and a half to charge completely. Liquid splashes won't affect it but if it will be dropped in water it will be affected.

Microsoft announced the Google Fit / Apple Health rival, a platform called Microsoft Health, that ties in health and fitness data from a range of devices and apps. Partnerships have been initiated between some fitness apps such as Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Gold's Gym and Microsoft. Besides those, there is also the coffee company, Starbucks.