The launch of Apple Watch scheduled for 9 March comes with 100,000 apps

The most expected moment: Apple launches its watch on 9th of March

The callings are out. Apple is alluring the tech press to an Apple Watch event that will take place at the Yuerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The event will take place on 9 March and it is said it will offer more details about the smartwatch that is said to be the best of its category.

The invitation is simple and is named `Spring forward`. It informs that the event will take place at 10am San Francisco time. The release date for Apple`s smartwatch is April, so everyone hopes that the event will provide new info about it. The expected info is about the price for the luxury models, the opening in various countries and, maybe, some juicy details about the retail experience which Apple plans to achieve through this watch. Anyway, in the center of the attention should be the apps.

Aiming for 100,000 Watch apps’¦

If we were to listen to rumors, we will find out that Apple rushes key app developers because it wants to achieve an astonishing selection by 9 March. It is said that Apple aims for an impressive number of 100,000 Watch Apps!

Trip Chowdhry, an analyst from Global Equities Research, says that there will be about 100,000 available apps to download when the watch will be finally released. He approximates the fact that users will download about 100 apps per total, which is much more when compared with iPhone that got 65 apps.

Among these brand new apps, we will be able to enjoy the wearable versions of other Apple favorites. They will look a bit different, an improved look to suit the brand new Watch. It will have a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm system, a world clock, a weather app, stocks and settings to manage them all. It will offer calendar info, navigation through Maps, music control and some many other features.

Taking all these into account, we will be more than anxious to see the wonder Apple will release after a big break. After accepting the fact that it will not be called iWatch, everyone got more curious about how it will work, how useful it will be or how pricey it will get. Maybe some of these details will be released on the event planned for 9 March in San Francisco. We will see what additional features and amazing apps this smartwatch will have.