The first VR headset from HTC Vive

HTC will be launching Steam VR headset and everyone states the fact that it will become very popular. HTC revealed the HTC Vive, a Steam VR headset designed in partnership with Valve and it will be available on the market later this year. The headset will be working with PCs and Valve`s mammoth gaming ecosystem.

The design resembles Oculus Rift`s crescent Bay edition. Jeff Gattis referred to the brand new Vive as to a device that will provide for the first time a full room scale experience. He stressed the fact that the headset will benefit from 70 sensors and 360 degrees head-tracking. This will allow the user to explore the environment freely. He stated that this headset will represent a new stage when it comes to performance and comfort.

The HTC Vive provides a 90Hz refresh rate having a success key that refers to keeping down latency. Latency is the one that can drive someone to in-game nausea. When compared to other headsets, HTC Vive stands out because Oculus refreshes at 75Hz and Sony`s Project Morpheus at only 60Hz.

With HTC`s new headset you will be able to benefit from a brand new experience called context aware controller. This will allow you to shoot, move and interact with elements all around the virtual world you are playing in.

It is said that by the end of 2015 this headset will be available on the market for all consumers. This means, among other things, that HTC Vive could beat Oculus on the market. The headset will be presented at GDC 2015 and Gattis invited people to test them. He says it will offer a unique experience of virtual environment at full scale. This new technology is meant to offer its users a different approach when it comes to gaming. It will represent the new trend!