The first look on Sonys SmartEyeglass Attach

Sony is presenting its prototype wearable tech at MWC 2015 close to the newly announced Xperia Z4 tablet and M4 Aqua smartphone. Everyone wanders if the SmartEyeglass Attach will represent the future of smart glasses. Definitely it has potential, but it also has a lot of things to fix before becoming what they are expected to.

Design and Display

The first thing you think of when it comes to smart glasses is Google Glass. When compared to those, Sony wins because of the fact that it has 40g which is lighter than Google first pair of smart glasses. The basic idea if that the unit will be fixed on any pair of glasses. The final version will have a battery unit on the left hand side. In other words, this could end up easy and comfortable to wear but the final decision will be made after the 400 mAh battery will be attached.

The display is about 0.23 inch OLED and is smaller than it was announced. So it is obvious that the 640×400 resolution looks intense and it appears to stay in focus more than Google Glass did. Anyway, the entire look will be connected to the frames you wear it with and any changes Sony makes to the white design. So, it requires some fashion partnerships in order to become the best glasses.


The SmartEyeglass Attach was tested with a tennis demo. It offered real time updates on the speed of the serve in the OLED display in the top corner of the right eye. Sony is aiming for other sports too like cycling and golf in order to provide athletes with a method to enhance their techniques. So, with that SmartEyeglass Attach you will be able to get updated info that matches what happens in the sport you practice in real time and it represents a tremendous benefit because of the fact that you will have some sort of heads up in order to improve your further technique.

Initial conclusion

Sony SmartEyeglass Attach should plan some fashion partnerships for an improved design, an extended battery life than its competitors, a simple to use UI and further miniaturization if it can be achieved. Those are some hard requests, but if you are planning to put something on your face, you should be allowed to ask for the best technology out there. Sony SmartEyeGlass has the potential to become the most wanted technology in the near future.