The contactless payments brought up by Barclaycard bPay

Barclaycard`s bPay band wants to offer its users the possibility of paying by simply using the wearable. The company states this will represent the future of wearables which will drastically change the direction of travelling and shopping. This is a band made out of rubber, it is waterproof and it has a chip and some kind of radio antenna.

Those two will allow you to use your wrist for payment required for all type of products. The concept follows very closely the existing cards and it will be available only for items that have a price under 20 pounds.

In London, Barclaycard bPay is being tested and it will be used on London`s transportation network. It functions in a simple way, you just have to tap your wrist on the designed reader. It is estimated that almost 10,000 people in London will be able to participate at this trial. It represents a useful way to manage your purchases and save yourself when you almost have no more cash.

Some say this will offer amazing changes to the way we will conduct daily activities in the future. The company states that this wrist band will be a common accessory very soon because of the fact that you will only need your band to go out with, no extra bags or cash. Also, the company says that the wrist band will be able to be connected to any UK Visa or Mastercard at first for the trials. The transactions will be completed by using a mobile app.

The competition will come from Apple, which stated they will release Apple Pay. This will function on the Apple Watch that uses NFC. Anyway, Barclaycard will be on the spot lights because of the fact that it is a pioneer in this field. The Barclaycard bPay is pretty fashionable too.