The classy Pebble Steel smartwatch

The word is that after putting Pebble`s new premium watch on your wrist, you will not want to take it off ever again! Some gadgets are handy, some are gorgeous. The Pebble Time Steel incorporates both. Pebble makes a come-back on the market with this 250 dollars piece of awesomeness.

It does not resemble a basic wristwatch, but with these specifications, these features and that price, it is not obliged to!

The high on style Pebble Time Steel

The Time steel is bigger and slimmer than its brother Time, which offers it a more stylish look, even though it resembles a specific retro vibe due o he squircle design, big bezels and of video game-style watch faces.

It has three versions: silver, black and gold, each with a classic stainless steel strap and red and black leather options. If you mix the gold finish with the red strap you will obtain a look that resembles Apple`s Watch Edition, the only difference being the smaller price!

It has an extra 1 mm because of the fact that incorporates a bigger battery which will offer Time Steel almost ten days of working time, rather than seven. It is awesome to have the opportunity to choose between size and battery life. It is suitable for small wrists too, because of the fact that it is compact, another advantage when compared to its rivals is. It is not too heavy, although it looks solid and well made.

Summing up, for 250 dollars you will get a leather strap and a stainless steel one which is a pretty great deal.

First impressions on Pebble Time Steel

If it is worth to pay extra 70 dollars or 90 dollars for the real early birds, it is strictly linked to a bunch of things. One of them is how much you are planning to pay for a brand new awesome smartwatch. The other one is the fact that the extra battery life can offer you tremendous help. It depends on you if you are bothered by the extra weight and solidity or not.

At first, the Time Steel does not resemble a brainers, it is a smartwatch that will evolve depending on how many web apps will get involved with Timeline. Also, it depends very much on hardware developers and if they will actually start setting up smart straps.

Bottom line, the Pebble Time Steel is a water resistant smartwatch that offers you a stylish look at an acceptable price.