The brand new Adidas miCoach SmartRun

Running watches do not represent some kind of new technology, but they have been clumsy and slightly uncomfortable. The Adidas miCoach SmartRun does not fit in that category because of its design and easy glance graphics. It also has a touchscreen and an integrated heart rate monitor in order to provide all the crucial info while you are jogging.

The main question is about the battery and how it will endure all the hard usage. Some may wonder if a touchscreen is really useful for suach a compact device.

The main features of Adidas miCoach SmartRun

Basically there are two types of running watches: those that go for function over form and those that try to overrun your daily timepiece for wrist space. SmartRun goes for function over form, but it also looks well on your wrist.

It is a big watch that has a flared base which is necessary in order to obtain better heart rate accuracy. Anyway, it has a nicer design than the simple black square most running watches have. When it comes to features, it is well-packed with the heart rate monitor, GPS, MP3 player, stopwatch, alarm and timer. The display has 1.45 inch and it is clear and easy to see in most light. The main disadvantage can be the fact that it has a very small touch area that can be very hard to hit especially when in motion.

The activity tracking of Adidas miCoach

The thing that matters the most is not the features of the watch. Everything is about whether the SmartRun can help improve your running or not. The reviews state that it can in different ways because of the inbuilt heart rate monitor and the possibility to program your own training plan. The watch reminds you on daily basis what`s on your agenda.

When out running, the watch will lead you through four ed areas that go from warm up to all-out effort and you are able to choose between heart rate and pace as to what info is more important to be displayed on the screen. This only works if you set up a workout, but if you opt for a Free Workout that has no set time or established distance, you will be strained to see the heart rate front and centre and the pace in a small corner.

The app

The main advantage of Adidas SmartRun is the fact that it is created to sync with the web portal which offers you the opportunity to set your goal. Each option has different effort levels that allow you to choose the one that fits you better. This will also offer you the possibility to send the same info to the miCoach app on your smartphone that will let you see charts about your speed improvements.

Until now, you wouldn`t have been able to send the info without being in a Wi-Fi zone. The new SmartRun can use your phone`s internet connection to send the info to the Adidas servers.

The battery life

When the first version was launched, the main disadvantage was the battery life because it run off instantly in the middle of a workout. Anyway, this was improved and now you are able to track two or three medium to long runs before is runs out of battery. But if you do not charge it at night and let it in standby, you risk to do not have it available for your morning run.