The Apple iWatch - who's who

The new Apple product, the iWatch is under developing by a dream team and a proof is the revolving door of talent arriving in Cupertino.

A perfect team has been assembled by Apple to design its new product, from sensors experts to the biggest names in fashion. Here are 12 of the most exciting hires.

That's the most solid evidence that a wearable is under development.

Michael O'Reilly – Masimo

A chief medical officer, Michael O'Reilly, working at the Masimo corporation, was hired by Apple. He developed, for Masimo, a biometric sensor for devices. One of those sensor was for blood oxygen.

Ravi Narasimhan – Vital Connect

In 2012, Apple hired Ravi Narasimhan. Navi was the vice president of biosensor technology at a the Vital Connect company. He was involved in some projects about heart rate detection and respiration. More exactly, at that company he was responsible for biosensor technology and algorithms for remote physiological monitoring with wearable medical devices.

TAG Heuer – Patrick Pruniaux

Patrick Pruniaux was previously the vice president of sales and retail and at Apple he is responsible with selling and pricing. Also, he is the perfect guy for this job.

Yves Saint Laurent – Paul Deneve

In the eyes of Apple, there was another target for their project, getting Paul Deneve, the CEO of Yves Saint Laurent on their side. Apple made him vice president and he reports to Tim Cook when he has special tasks.

Nike – John Gale and Ryan Bailey

After Nike finished with its Fuelband, they announced that no more other devices will be released. Some Nike employees were basically without jobs and Apple hired two of them. Jon Gale was hired to be the Sensing Systems Engineer and Ryan Bailey was hired for the Mechanical Designer Engineer post.

Cercacor – Marcelo Lamego

A chief technology officer, Marcelo Lamego, that was working at Cercacor, was also stolen by Apple. Marcelo developed a system that uses light waves to to detect blood for haemoglobin, oxygen, carboxyhemoglobin and methemoglobin. His method is non-invasive.

Philips – Roy J.E.M Raymann

Roy J.E.M Raymann is the founder of the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory and he is one of the top brains in sleep tech. He was also hired by Apple.

He was well-known for being an expert on sleep tech and for its vast experience in sensors and wearables.

Sano Intelligence – Nancy Dougherty

Before she was hired by Apple, Nancy worked at Sano Intelligence. There, she was responsible with designing a novel system to continously monitor blood chemistry. She also developed a band that monitors temperature, motion, heart rate and respiration.

Her actual position at Apple is of hardware engineer.

Burberry – Angela Ahrendts

The retail and online stores, a section of Apple's company was going to be leaded by Angela Ahrendts. Angela was the CEO of Burbery until she was hired by Apple. With an experience of over 25 years in the fashion industry, she is perfect for this position.

Beats by Dre – Jimmy Iovine

The Beats by Dre got bought by Apple and Jimmy Iovine, who turned the headphones, the beats, from a commodity into a superfluous consumer tech, might just do the same with the new Apple incoming product, The iWatch.