The amazing Puls band revealed by

The most expected moment from the wearable world was revealing the device announced.

The + Puls is astonishing and full of amazing technology. It represents a device that can make calls, send messages and work on its own without the need of a smartphone. stated the fact that this cannot be called a watch because it has incorporated a SIM card.

Let`s take a look at its specs. This wrist band has 1GB of RAM and an unseen 16GB capacity as internal memory. This is a step ahead of all wearables that are already on the market. An interesting feature is the voice recognition. This feature is integrated in the device and is named AnnedA. It uses Android and it resembles a bit the Samsung Gear S. So, it is estimated that there will be a lots of apps available for it among which we will find Twitter and Facebook. Puls will be able to play your favorite music, the main concept being the fact that digital music will be the future. For this it is used the 7digital.

When it comes to the appearances, this device resembles a lot the character of This band is meant to get everyone’s attention when put on your wrist!

Anyway, we do not have clear info about the sensors incorporated, but some predict that this band will be useful for going to the gym or running and cycling.

Among the most interesting features of this new band is the charging method which basically resembles a crocodile. It is odd, but innovative and this not surprises us because we are talking about`s idea. Also, it is possible to charge by simply using a so called charging coat, which was not seen on the market until now.

So, we are curious to see how this works in real life. All it takes to transform itself in a popular wearable is for the apps to function properly and the info provided to be accurate. If will do further research, he will be able to release a wearable that will instantly turn into the most beloved device on the market. It takes some hard work and research but it is worth.

Bottom line, the + Puls looks like a promising gadget that will have everything you need. Because it can function separately from your smartphone it will save you the stress provoked by getting notifications and realizing that you have to search for your phone to see them. Also, the amazing internal memory available and the fact that the band will be able to stream music will put this wearable among the most useful ones. In other words, this band is estimated to have all that you need when you work out. It will offer you info about the specific exercise you do, it will allow you to listen to your favorite music and it will let you take some calls and see some text messages. It sounds like a lot of features gathered in a small catchy wrist band.