The affordable Jawbone UP Move

Jawbone released on the market a cost-effective fitness device that costs less than 50 dollars. Jawbone UP Move is perfect for not experienced users that want to get up to date when it comes to personal health info.

The design of Jawbone UP Move

It is more than obvious that the Jawbone UP Move resembles pretty much the Misfit Flash.

Anyway, it is made out of hypoallergenic rubber and you can choose between five s: black, blue, grape, ruby rose and slate rose. It is a slim device that has no more than 7g. In other words, this represents the perfect fitness device when it comes to weight.

Apps available and activity tracking

Jawbone UP Move is not as evolved as UP3 but it can still offer info exact info about distance, calories burnt or how much have you been active or not. Anyway, it is not UP3 so you will not get info about REM, deep or light sleep, only some general stuff that will say if you slept or not. In other words, Jawbone UP Move will provide general info about your sleep.

The device has some LEDs through which you will get different stats. It depends only on how many taps you make on it: once is for counting your steps, twice is for time and three times is for sleep. This is pretty handy and innovative.

Like any Jawbone device, UP Move will be able to connect to its community where you will be able to share info with other users. This app works on Android and iOS. You can access the most important feature: the Smart Coach that provides specialized advices by taking into account your possibility to achieve those tasks.

For the latest wearables, Jawbone uses Motion X that is designed to follow up closely all the characteristics that offer info on tracking. The Fullpower platform is a close friend for other two Jawbone wearables, so the tech employed in UP Move is sure to be promising.

How much Jawbone UP Move will cost you?

The Jawbone UP Move is not that pricey, it represents the affordable version of the Jawbone family. You can get it for about 40 pounds a bit less than Misfit which costs around 50 pounds. Anyway, if you want other straps you will have to pay them separately. A pack of three is 23 pounds, while a single one is 11 pounds. The more advantageous for you is the pack.

Summing up, even though it resembles pretty much the Misfit device when it comes to appearances, it is an interesting wearable. Jawbone UP Move is perfect for beginners because it is not complicated to use and allows you to learn the basics of a Jawbone device. After that, you can upgrade to another member from the Jawbone Family. Until then, you can stay connected with other Jawbone users through the app available, so you can get some insides on how other Jawbone pieces work. For that price and for its features it is worth buying and trying.