Sony's SmartWatch 3 will join the Android Wear party

You can be certain that the rumors regarding Sony’s new wearable, Sony Smartwatch 3 will be quite an impression for Android Wear.

According to some reports, Sony will officially use Google’s smartwatch OS as opposed to the previews versions of Sony’s smartwatches which had a modified Android platform. The watch will have a display of 1.

68 inch 320×320 and will be waterproof.

The report also mentions that the smartwatch will be unveiled along with another Sony wearable , the Sony SmartBand Talk, which is rumored to pack and e-ink display and will connect via Bluetooth.

The story behind the project

Sony has a history of being one of the first companies which embraced the smartwatch idea, but this did not make it easier for them, as the company had a pretty hard time in grabbing the public’s attention and making profit.

The first products released lacked the impact Sony had expected to have, but the company is still a remarkable challenger when it comes to the smartwatch market. With this new device, you can say that it will Sony’s time to shine and show what they can really do.

IFA release looks promising

Sony launched its Smartwatch 3 at IFA 2014 and it looked like the device maintained the well known square shaped screen, and contrary to the rumors, is still running on Sony’s OS. Also its screen might have improved in terms of visibility and sharpness, the company seems to have planned to make the screen’s resolution higher.

Probably the best part of this new project’s concept will be the fact that Sony decided to add a built-in Wi-Fi module which will allow the smartwatch to work without its partnered smartphone.

As opposed to Sony Smartwatch 2, this will be a major improvement. Smartwatch 2 was dependent on the smartphone, something which cause the phone’s battery to be drained of energy. This is not the only good news, the new smartwatch might support wireless charging, feature that will enhance the waterproof characteristic and also dust proofing it.

Was there a leak somewhere?

On the advert for Sony’ SmartBand Summer School app on the company’s Facebook page, a smartwatch is rumored to have been shown. Could this have been the first official leak of Sony’s new device? Also, do not forget that alongside the future Z3 Compact tablet, you can see an updated version of Sony Smartwatch 2.

What is the conclusion? Is Sony Smartwatch 3 good?

It is possible that the photo we have mentioned before to be a simple coincidence, but you can think of it as being the company’s teaser preview and the model to be announced at IFA. Seeing as how the smartwatch and the tablet are next to a swimming pool, we can draw up the conclusion that both of them will be waterproof. Good news if you want to check your social media in the shower.

The question is still out: Wear or not?

Sony has made an official announcement that the company will be working with Google and together they were trying out different possibilities. This statement leaves the idea of a partnership between Android and Sony a major possibility.

What the public want to see

Some reviews said that the screen was not fast enough when it came to the response time. An upgrade is said to allow the device to perform tasks faster. Smartwatch 2 was pretty light and it was easy enough to customize when it came down to notifications and alerts. We hope that the new Smartwatch 3 will have some bigger improvements.